GBC Motorsports is dedicated to manufacturing tires for UTVs and ATVs. But, are its tires reliable? This GBC Motorsports tires review has the answers.

GBC Motorsports produces some of the best ATV/UTV tires. Its tires deliver adequate grip and traction in extreme off-road terrains. They also provide a comfortable ride on the highway. Also, its tires are sturdy, long-lasting, backed by a strong warranty and offer great value for money.

In this GBC Motorsports tire review and brand guide, we will give you a brief background of this company and discuss more about its most popular tires. We will also take a closer look at some of its tire warranties and guarantees, as well as its strengths and drawbacks. By the time you finish reading this GBC Motorsports review, you will have all the information you need, to decide whether they are the right tires for your ATV/UTV.

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About GBC Motorsports

Launched in 1995, GBC Tires was established to meet the diverse needs of power sports consumers. A subsidiary of Greenbell Tire, GBC is committed to producing high-quality motorsports tires, for any type of riding you do or any type of surface you are driving on.

This tire manufacturer has a reputation for innovation and quality, driven by its desire to provide its customer base with premium quality tires.

Whether you are hunting, camping, farming, or racing, GBC Motorsports has a tire that will deliver superior performances and longevity for your UTV or ATV.

Best Selling GBC Motorsports Tires

As mentioned above, GBC Motorsports produces a wide range of tires for different vehicles, activities and terrains. Some of the brand’s most popular tires include:

Dirt Devil

The Dirt Devil is one of GBC Motorsports’ best-selling tires for UTVs and ATVs. For more than 20 years, this tire has been providing exceptional performances on hard surfaces, dirt, gravel and light mud.

Design Features

GBC Motorsports has outfitted this tire with a wide range of unique features and technologies, to ensure it can comfortably pull your vehicle through, regardless of the conditions or terrains that you encounter.

First, GBC has provisioned this tire with a sturdy, 6-ply carcass, which supplies additional strength to the tire. Also, this sturdy carcass provides outstanding resistance against tears and punctures, thus helping to prevent premature wear.

Second, GBC Motorsports has utilized a premium compound for the tire’s tread, formed into a directional tread pattern. This tread pattern helps to deliver maximum traction and grip, even in adverse terrains.

Third, the Dirt Devil also comes with dimpled lungs, designed to increase the tire’s gripping capabilities on dirt terrains and hard-packed surfaces. Furthermore, these dimpled lungs have been reinforced. Hence, you can expect this tire to provide you with great stability, even when moving at higher speeds.

Sizes and Fitment

GBC Motorsports manufactures this tire in 22 sizes, ranging between 8 inches to 12 inches.

It can fit a wide range of ATVs and UTVs like Can-Am Outlander, Yamaha Big Bear, Grizzly and Bruin, Kawasaki Prairie and Brute Force, Arctic Prowler Mudpro, and1000 TRV as well as Bombardier Traxter and Outlander.

Also, it can fit the Suzuki Vinson, Elger and King Quad, Honda TRX, Rubicon and Rancher as well as Polaris Magnum, Ranger and Sportsman.

It’s worth mentioning that this list is not inclusive of all the UTVs and ATVs that this tire can fit. If your vehicle is not on this list and its rim size is within this range, there’s a high chance that this tire can also fit.

Price Range

The Dirt Devil is currently selling at approximately $56 to $165 per tire. Therefore, if you are installing a set of four tires, you will spend around $224 to $360, depending on the size that you choose. This tire is exclusively sold through Discount Tire.

Should You Buy the GBC Motorsports Dirt Devil?

As its name suggests, the Dirt Devil enjoys playing in the mud, dirt and other similar conditions.

According to GBC Motorsports, this tire can fit a wide range of UTVs and ATVs used in hunting, farming, industrial, and recreational activities.

So, if you are planning to for an excursion or your occupation involves working in areas where you are likely to come across dirt, gravel, loose sand or light muddy conditions, this tire will be a perfect choice.

GBC Kanati Mongrel

The GBC Kanati Mongrel is a rugged all-terrain tire, specifically built for today’s high-powered UTVs and side by sides. It’s engineered to comfortably handle challenging terrains and conditions like sand, dirt, and hard pack.

Design Features

GBC Motorsports has outfitted this tire with several great and unique features, to overcome even the most challenging off-road conditions.

Its rugged tread pattern sports a 58% void ratio, designed to deliver a high void contact patch with the surface, for reliable traction. It also features a 10-ply rated, super lightweight construction, which offers three main benefits. First, this construction will help to provide puncture resistance. Second, it will deliver a great weight-to-durability ratio. Also, the super-lightweight construction will help your vehicle to move faster, thus saving you fuel.

It also comes with reinforced sidewalls, which prevent punctures and cuts from abrasive elements found in off-road conditions. This tire is also DOT-approved. Unlike some of the other tires in its category, you can use them in the streets, without worrying about legal issues.

Sizes and Fitment

The GBC Motorsports Kanangi Mongrel is available in 14 sizes. It can fit 12-inch wheels, 14-inch wheels and 15-inch wheels.

Price Range

This tire is currently retailing at around $145 to $230, minus installation costs. So, if you decide to purchase a set of four, they will cost you approximately $580 to $920.

Should You Buy the GBC Motorsports Kanangi Mongrel

If you are looking for a tire that can deliver outstanding off-road traction combined with a comfortable on-road ride, then you should go for this tire.

While its pricing may be slightly on the higher end, are getting a premium quality UTV/ATV tire, which will deliver superior traction and longevity. Furthermore, it’s backed by two-year materials and workmanship warranty.

Overall, the Kanangi Mongrel will be a decent choice for recreational or professional drivers, looking for a tire that can accomplish almost everything.

GBC Motorsports Dirt Commander

The Dirt Commander is an ATV/UTV tire, designed for serious off-roaders. It’s engineered for adventuring on mud, loose sand, dirt, and mountain trails. It also traverses creek beds and climbs rocks with ease.

Design Features

The Dirt Commander comes with large grooves and lugs, ideal for tackling extreme off-road terrains and conditions. Also, the large trend voids enable this tire to self-clean quickly, thus maximizing its traction on various surfaces. With this tire, your vehicle can comfortably tackle creek beds, steep hills, hard-packed surfaces, and rocks.

GBC Motorsports has also equipped this tire with an 8-ply bias construction, designed to increase its puncture resistance while increasing its load capacity. Also, this robust construction helps to enhance the tires' tread life.

Furthermore, the Dirt Commander also features multiple sipes on its tread grooves, which provide additional biting edges, for reliable traction on wet and slippery surfaces and on snow-covered and ice-covered roads.

The Dirt Commander also sports reinforced sidewalls, designed to prevent punctures and cuts from debris present on tough off-road terrains.

Sizes and Fitment

GBC Motorsports produces the Dirt Commander in several sizes, ranging between 12 inches and 15 inches.

It can fit a vast selection of ATVs/UTVs like the Arctic DVX and Cat 250, Cannondale, Yamaha Warrior, Raptor and Bear Tracker, Honda TRX, Suzuki Quadsport, Bombadier Rally 200 and DS250 and the Kasea Skyhawk.

The Dirt Commander is also compatible with the Kawasaki KFX, Mule and Bayou, Polaris Predator, Outlaw, Big Boss, Scrambler and Trailblazer, Kymco MXU and Can-Am, among others.

Should You Buy the GBC Motorsports Dirt Commander?

Similar to other tires from this brand, the Dirt Commander is a highly reliable tire for ATVs and UTVs.

It’s engineered to provide exceptional traction in extreme off-road conditions. So, whether you encounter muddy conditions, snow-covered roads, hard-packed surfaces or loose sand, you can expect to reach your destination, as long as you are riding on this tire.

GBC Motorsports Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is another popular tire from this brand, designed for drivers of ATVs and UTVs. According to the manufacturer, this tire can comfortably handle almost all types of terrains, including rocky trails, dirt, snow, and mud.

Design Features

Just like other GBC Motorsports tires, the Grim Reaper comes packed with several great features and technologies.

First, it sports a  tough, 8-ply radial construction, which provides outstanding durability. Also, this sturdy construction helps the tire to withstand bruising, chipping and punctures when driving on rugged terrains and trails. Furthermore, this construction design helps to minimize vibrations, which may otherwise ruin its ride quality. Regardless of how fast you are riding with this tire, you will not experience any discomfort issues, on and off the highway.

Second, the Grim Reaper comes with wrap-around shoulder lugs, designed to deliver optimum traction in various terrains. Also, these shoulder lugs also provide additional protection to the tire’s sidewalls.

Third, GBC Motorsports has outfitted the Grim Reaper with a zigzag tread design, which helps to give the tire a higher level of grip and traction. Also, this tread design helps to increase its ride quality.

Sizes and Fitment

The Grim Reaper is available in two sizes – 12 inches and 14 inches. But, you have at least 10 sizes to choose from, if your ATV or UTV has 12-inch or 14-inch wheels.

It can fit several off-road vehicles like the Bombardier Quest, E-Ton TXL90, Arctic Cat DVX 300, Kasea Skyhawk, Suzuki LT80 Quadsport and the Kawasaki KFX 90.

It’s also compatible with the Yamaha YFZ 450, Raptor 700 and Banshee 350, Honda Fourtrax, Recon ES and TRX 250, Cannondale FX440 Blaze, Polaris Ranger RZR 170 and Outlaw 50, as well as the Can-Am DS90 and DS450, among others.

Should You Buy the GBC Motorsports Grim Reaper?

The GBC Motorsports Grim Reaper comes highly recommended by those who have used it. Drivers who have used the Grim Reaper claim it’s one of the best in the category. It can handle dirt, mud, and loose sand off the road while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride on the highway. So, if you are looking for an all-terrain tire that will provide you maximum grip on challenging surfaces, then you can never go wrong with the Grim Reaper.  

GBC Motorsports Spartacus

The Spartacus is one of this tire company’s best-selling tires. It’s built to deliver high levels of traction on muddy trails and other conditions found in off-road terrains. Even a simple glance at this tire can tell you that it’s built for serious off-roading conditions.

Design Features

Specifically built for ATVs and UTVs, this tire features an 8-ply carcass construction, as well as a radial tread pattern. This design helps to increase the tire’s contact surface, resulting in enhanced traction. It also helps to boost the tire’s ride quality, resulting in a comfortable ride.

The Spartacus also comes with reinforced sidewalls, which provide exceptional protection against tears and punctures. If you’ve ever ventured off the highway, you may have noticed that those terrains have plenty of abrasive elements, which can easily puncture or tear a tire. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such issues with the Spartacus.

This all-terrain tire also features alternating lugs, designed to aggressively attack deep mud, thus making sure your vehicle won’t get stuck. Also, the widely spaced lugs help the tire to self-clean itself.

GBC Motorsports has further provisioned this tire with an in-built rim protector. As the name suggests, this feature is designed to protect the rim from potential damage that may be caused by abrasive off-road elements.

Sizes and Fitment

This tire comes in 14-inch and 12-inch sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of approximately 1045 lbs. It can fit almost all types of UTV’s and UTV’s such as Suzuki Quadsport, Kymco MXU, Cannondale, Arctic DVX and Cat 250, Kasea Skyhawk and Can-Am.

According to the manufacturer, this tire is also compatible with Polaris Scrambler, Trailblazer, Predator, Outlaw and Big Boss, Bombardier Rally 200 and DS250, Kawasaki KFX, Mule and Bayou, as well as the Honda TRX.

GBC Terra Master

The Terra Master is one of GBC Motorsports’ newest all-terrain tires for UTVs and ATVs. It comes with two different sides to choose from, meaning you can turn the tire one way or the other, depending on the terrain you encounter. Simply put, it’s more like a set of two different tires compressed into one.

Design Features

The Terra Master is the first UTV/ATV tire in the industry, featuring a non-directional, asymmetrical tread pattern. As noted above, its tread pattern features two different sides, with each side delivering a different result.

For instance, side A of the tire’s tread is designed for soft to intermediate surfaces while side B is aimed at intermediate to hard terrains.

Also, its carcass is designed for both sides and forward bite, while its steel-belted radial provides a robust and more durable core, with top-notch wear resistance.

Sizes and Fitment

GBC Motorsports has released 16 different sizes of this tire, ranging between 12 inches and 15 inches. And there are plans to release more sizes with time.

With such a vast range of sizes, this tire can fit most of the UTVs on the market, including Maverick X3, XP Turbo, YXZ, Wildcat and the XP900, just to name a few.

Target Market

With its 10-ply carcass construction, decent wear resistance and DOT rating, this tire will be ideal for anyone who drives a UTV, but more so racers. Considering you can change the tire depending on the terrain, everyone who enjoys off-road racing will love this tire.

Also, you can mix and match them between front and rear, making them a great option when you have to switch between an empty vehicle and a loaded one. Simply put, your customization options are almost endless with this tire.

Should You Buy the Terra Master?

It’s almost impossible to find a fault with this tire. Whether you are riding on hard terrain, intermediate terrain or hard terrain, the Terra Master is a highly versatile tire, which can tackle numerous terrains. Whether you are an off-road racer or you are someone who loves exploring extreme off-road terrains, the Terra Master will prove to be a great companion for your adventures.  

GBC Motorsports Warranties and Guarantees

All GBC Motorsports tires come with a workmanship and materials warranty, as long as you are the original buyer of the tire.

Hence, if your tire is removed from service due to workmanship and materials defects, the manufacturer will replace it with a comparable new tire. Coverage under this warranty runs for four years from the tire’s date of manufacturer or two years its purchase date.

Free Tire Replacement

If the tire becomes unserviceable due to workmanship or materials defects during its first 10% of the original usable tread, GBC Motorsports will replace it with a comparable new tire, free of charge.

A comparable tire refers to a similar tire like the one previously on the vehicle. In case that tire is not available or it's out of production, GBC Motorsports will replace it with another tire of similar quality and construction, but with a different sidewall configuration. In case you opt for a higher-priced tire than the one that has become unserviceable, you will be required to pay the difference.

Prorated Tire Replacement

In the event that your GBC Motorsports is removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects with more than 10% of its original usable tread worn, the company will replace it on a prorated adjustment.

Under this arrangement, GBC Motorsports will contribute part of the tire’s replacement costs, depending on the remaining usable tread on the tire when it’s removed from service.

An authorized GBC Motorsports dealer will determine the amount you receive by multiplying the percentage of the remaining usable tread on the tire with the tire’s current selling price. But, you will pay for the tire’s mounting and balancing costs.

Warranty Exclusions

GBC Motorsports’ materials and workmanship warranty is a limited warranty. Hence, it doesn’t cover all defects. So, while your tire may be removed from service inside the warranty window, GBC Motorsports may decide not to replace it, depending on the situation. So, what’s not covered under this warranty?

GBC Motorsports will not replace tires that have been damaged by improper mounting and dismounting procedures. Furthermore, tires that have been plugged, repaired, patched or modified in any way are not eligible for replacement under this warranty.

Also, tire damage caused by accident, improper inflation, fire, overloading, road hazards, irregular wear and tear, or improper wheel alignment won’t be eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

Furthermore, the manufacturer will not replace tires whose damage has been caused by improper service or maintenance, cosmetic weather cracking, or malicious mischief. So, if your tire has been damaged under these conditions, then it’s highly likely the company will not replace it, regardless of when it’s removed from service or the remaining tread.

GBC Motorsports Pros

  • High-quality ATV/UTV tires
  • Outstanding tire performances in extreme off-road conditions
  • Durable construction
  • A vast selection of tires
  • Solid warranty

GBC Motorsports Cons

  • Some of its tires are quite pricey

Our Take

When it comes to purchasing a set of tires for your ATV or UTV, you have hundreds of options on the market to choose from. But, if you are looking for a set of tires that will perform reliably well on almost all terrains, then you can never go wrong with GBC Motorsports. Furthermore, its tires are of high-quality and long-lasting, meaning you are assured of getting value for your money.