Are you looking to buy the best off road Ipad mount? Well, it can be time-consuming if you don't have the right information. Let’s make it a lot easier for you.

The best off road Ipad mounts include iBolt TabDock Bizmount AMPs, Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet, Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount, Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Drill Base Mount, Heavy Duty Smartphone Tablet GPS ELD Mount, RAM-HOL-TAB3U, and CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount.

As a car owner, you’ve probably been asking yourself a few questions regarding the best off road Ipad mounts. What should I consider before buying the best off road Ipad mounts? What are some of the advantages of buying a particular off-road Ipad mount? Is it worth spending the money I’m planning to invest in an off-road Ipad mount? If so, what are the best off road Ipad mounts available on the market today?

Well, I’ve been reviewing, researching, and collecting reliable information on the best off-road Ipad mounts and today I want to offer this information to you. I believe this will be crucial for you not just in making the purchasing process a lot easier but also in answering all your lingering questions.

Given that the information herein will directly affect your purchase, I’ve ensured that it’s authentic and trustworthy. In addition to aggregating product ratings from various trustworthy sources, I used information from consumer forums, buying guides, and authority websites. This is to help you make the right choice on the best off road Ipad mount for you. So before looking at the products, I want to assure you that the information herein is correct, unbiased, and based on actual facts.

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7 Best Off-Road Ipad Mounts

iBolt TabDock Bizmount AMPs - Best of the Lot

Picture of the iBolt TabDock Bizmount AMPs

When looking for the best off-road Ipad mounts, the first thing to look for is a product that will withstand heavy jarring, which is often associated with off roads, without moving from its set position. This is exactly what the iBolt TabDock Bizmount AMPs gives you. Let’s break it down to a few features, which I did find to be quite impressive.

Sturdy and Built with Heavy Duty Materials

Designed in such a way that you can install it directly on your vehicle, desk, table, cart, or any other flat surface, the TabDock BizMount AMPs is unquestionably the best heavy-duty off-road Ipad that you can get on the market. The fact that it’s designed with four points of contact to hold your tablet or Ipad makes it unbelievably sturdy. In essence, you’re guaranteed that it will stay where you mount it and won’t have to worry about your tablet or Ipad falling off.


I have to mention that the adjustability of the TabDock BizMount AMPs is simply on another level: fantastic. This mount is designed with not one but two adjustable points to offer you a 360-degree rotation just to offer you various optimal viewing positions both vertically and horizontally. This is very important since it gives you the option and freedom of adjusting the arm of the mount for optimal viewing.

Still on adjustability, this is an off-road mount that you can fold up the dash and out of your way when not in use. Isn’t that amazing?

Compatibility and Vehicle Service Type

You’re probably asking yourself; is it compatible with my device and is it the right one for my vehicle? Well, the TabDock BizMount AMPs has a universal design that makes it compatible with all 7-inch to 10-inch  tablets including Samsung Galaxy tab, iPad, Kindle, Sony Xperia, Nexus, and many others.

As far as vehicles are concerned, this is an amazing off-road Ipad mount that can be used in All-Terrain vehicles, Semi-trucks, ATV, Utility vehicles, Automobiles, School buses, and many others.         


Despite its numerous strengths, I must admit that this device doesn’t work well with tablets, Ipads, or devices that measure 6 inches and below. Again, its clamping device can become flimsy after a few months, and this can be really frustrating.

My Take

The TabDock BizMount AMPs is a solid off-road Ipad mount that’s not only affordable but also among the best in the market. Although not the most durable off-road Ipad mount, it has amazing features that will make it quite enjoyable to use.

Reasons to Buy (Pros)

  • Sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Very adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

Reasons to Avoid (Cons)

  • Not so durable

Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet - Very Versatile

Picture of the Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet

If the TabDock BizMount AMPs isn’t a good fit for you for one reason or the other, you can opt for Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet. This is an incredible off-road Ipad mount that is quite adjustable and can hold any device between 2.86 inches to 13 inches. This is an off-road Ipad mount that will offer you stable viewing thanks to its amazingly strong arms and very solid base. Here are a few features that I’d like to highlight.

Sturdy Build

When purchasing an off-road Ipad mount, one of the features that you have to look for is stability. The Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet has a sturdy build and I was surprised at how well it handles even on the bumpiest of roads! This is because it’s solidly built and will ensure that your device is always secure even on the worst roads.


In terms of compatibility, the  Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet is compatible with just about any Ipad you might think of from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to all the iPad generations, as well as most types of mobile phone gadgets. This makes it quite versatile if you also take into consideration that it doubles up as a cup holder.

In terms of vehicle type, this Ipad mount works quite well in most vehicles including Ford F-150, Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, and even a BMW 230i!

Easy to Set Up and Use

When it comes to Ipad mounts, you certainly don’t want a device that will be quite challenging to install. Instead, you want an Ipad mount that’s absolutely easy to set up, and this is exactly what the Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet brings onboard.


Although the  Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet is easy to set up, works great, and will snugly hold on to your device even during the bumpiest ride, I did realize that its adjustability, which is an essential feature of a great off-road Ipad mount, is a real let down. Imagine an off-road Ipad mount that has only one hinge joint!

This shortcoming makes the device lack the useful articulation of probably adjusting your Ipad towards you or even watching the screen from various angles. In other words, you can only keep it straight, which makes it not so great. I believe that the addition of one or two hinge joints would make it an otherwise very great off-road Ipad mount.  

My Take

You’ll probably find its lack of joints for adjustability to be frustrating but apart from that, this is an absolutely well-built off-road Ipad mount that is easy to set up, works great, and is of pretty good quality. If you can find a way of putting up with its lack of adjustability, then it will serve you quite well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very solid
  • Easy to install
  • Works well
  • Very durable

Reason to Avoid

  • Its lack of adjustability can be very frustrating

Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount - Built to Last

Picture of the Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount

As a company, Tackform was only established less than a decade ago in 2012, but it has already secured its place in the market as a manufacturer of premium mounts for iPads, smartphones, and action cameras. Well, this is thanks to devices such as its Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount, which is without a doubt, one of the most durable and well-built off-road Ipad mounts currently available in the market. Here are some of its notable features.

Rock Solid

What is that one thing that you look for in an off-road Ipad mount? For me, stability is a top priority. Well, the Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount is rock solid and offers a vibration-free hold in any terrain. This is a very compact mount that’s not only built to last but is designed to offer you a very sturdy hold of your precious device.

Positioning Versatility

As a motorist, it can be quite annoying to have an Ipad mount that doesn’t give you the freedom to adjust your Ipad or device to suit your position. But because Tackform is very aware of this, it has designed this device with a very versatile mounting position. Thanks to its very sturdy drill base and cradle, the Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount has perfectly working ball and socket joints at each end just to offer you that much-needed full range of motion.


In terms of compatibility, this mount can accommodate any size of tablet ranging from 7 inches to 18.4 inches. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Galaxy Tab or an Apple iPad Pro, it will snugly fit on the mount.

In terms of vehicle type, this device can work on a multitude of vehicles including commercial fleet trucks, off-roading vehicles, tractors, overland vehicles, and many more.


Although this mount is very rock solid and durable, I find it quite hectic to install. Of course. It comes with the AMPs mounting plate that allows for a quick semi-permanent installation, but this is only possible on a flat surface. Again, you’ll have to seek the services of a professional if you want to permanently install it on your vehicle, and this is very limiting.

My Take

I must admit that the Heavy Duty Drill Base Tablet Mount is one of the most durable off-road Ipad mounts around. So if you’re okay with bringing in a professional to install it, then it’ll serve you perfectly and maintain a tight grip on your device as long as the device is 7 inches and above.

Reasons to Buy

  • Rock-solid
  • Very durable
  • Versatile
  • Very reliable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Its installation requires a professional
  • It’s a bit expensive
  • No great for less than 7-inch devices

Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Mount - The Most Convenient

Picture of the Arkon Heavy Duty Tablet Mount

You may frown at the price of the Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Drill Base Mount but I want to assure you that it’s certainly worth the price given its excellent features as we’re just about to see.

Sturdy and Built with Heavy Duty Material

Even though the Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Drill Base Mount can be perfectly used as an off-road Ipad mount, it’s particularly built for commercial fleet vehicles. What does this description tell you about this mount? Well, this is a very sturdy mount that is well-built using heavy-duty material. In fact, everything in this mount is heavy duty save for the plastic that’s meant to keep your iPad from rotating.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the main reasons why we have Ipad mounts on our vehicles is for convenience. Well, this is exactly what the Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Drill Base Mount offers you. Designed with a multi-angled arm that has three adjustment points that offer 180-degree rotation, this is one of the most flexible if not versatile Ipad mounts. As such, it gives you endless angles and can be ideal in almost any space including space-constrained vehicles


The fact that it’s very flexible makes it ideal for several mobile devices including the 9th Generation, Samsung tablets, and various phone models. In essence, it’s designed with a universal grip that can hold any device that has a screen size ranging from 7 inches to 18.4 inches.


Although the Akron Heavy Duty Tablet Wall Drill Base Mount is designed with heavy-duty materials that make it great, the only plastic part of this device can be a real nuisance. The plastic part that holds your tablet is likely to malfunction after a couple of weeks. The best thing to do to avoid this problem is to replace this plastic piece with a metal one (the metallic options are available) and you’ll be good to go. Another notable drawback is its price, especially if you’re on a budget.

My Take

As I noted earlier, this Ipad mount is designed with heavy-duty materials, which makes it quite sturdy except for the plastic piece that can be very disappointing. This mount works perfectly and is of very good quality but can be rendered worthless if the plastic piece breaks down and you do not replace it with a metallic one.

Reasons to Buy

  • Fits in various devices
  • It’s very flexible and convenient
  • Perfect for space-constrained vehicles
  • Very adjustable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Less durable

Heavy Duty Smartphone Tablet GPS ELD Mount - The Most Innovative

Picture of the Heavy Duty Smartphone Tablet GPS ELD Mount

If you’re a Millennial or love innovative devices, then look no further than the Heavy Duty Smartphone Tablet GPS ELD Mount. Well, imagine an off-road Ipad mount that comes with a GPS holder! If anything, the main essence of off-roading is to explore and this mount has a couple of features that will make you look like the coolest geek out there.

Sturdy and Solid

This off-road Ipad mount is designed with a special Lycan AMPs mount that is built with heavy-duty materials to ensure that it’s solid and ideal for the bumpiest of roads.

Innovative Design

As one of the most innovative Ipad mounts in the market, the Heavy Duty Smartphone Tablet GPS ELD Mount is designed with a dual spring-loaded tension to ensure that it offers secure support for your device. Again, its multi-angle drill base pedestal allows you to position it almost anywhere in the vehicle.


This device is very flexible and compatible with devices ranging from 5.5 inches to 11.2 inches. Whether you’re looking to mount your iPad, smartphone, or GPS, this mount gives you a very wide range of options. In terms of vehicle service type, this mount can be perfect for any form of automobile.


Although this is an innovative off-road Ipad mount, it has issues with the clamps. The balls of the clamps are not the same in size and may create some issues if you want to tighten the mount down. I’m not sure whether this was a factory error on all the devices or it had something to do with the one that I reviewed. Either way, this is a serious challenge that can make the mount wobble back and forth, and that’s something you don’t want to experience.

My Take

If you love innovative gadgets and are looking for one of the most innovative off-road Ipad mounts, look no further. Unfortunately, the clamp balls aren’t the same size and may prove to be a nightmare if you do not find a way around it. The best thing to do is to avoid tightening it down too much and it won’t be a problem. Other than that, it’s a solid product at an affordable price.

Reasons to Buy

  • Innovative design
  • Includes a GPS holder
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Relatively affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit wobbly

6. RAM Mounts RAM-HOL-TAB3U - The Easiest to Use

When it comes to devices such as off-road Ipad mounts, we tend to go for devices that are easy to use and that’s essentially why I find the RAM-HOL-TAB3U quite captivating. In fact, you actually do not need any expertise to fix it in your vehicle and get it to hold your iPad. Let’s dive in.

Very Easy to Use

As one of the very few off-road Ipad mounts that’s designed with a spring-loaded backplate, this device makes it a lot easier to mount and unmount your iPad. It’s also designed to enhance the usefulness of your iPad by allowing you to easily access every port on your iPad.

Durable and Reliable

As a manufacturer, RAM Mounts understands the importance of having a durable and reliable device. This is why the device is designed with high-strength composites that make it perfect for very rugged terrains. This is definitely why the manufacturer is confident enough to throw a lifetime warranty into the deal.


In terms of compatibility, this off-road Ipad mount is compatible with several devices thanks to its near-infinite adjustability. It doesn’t matter the type of iPad that you’re using, you’re sure that it will snugly fit on this mount.

As far as vehicle type is concerned, this mount can fit in all forms of vehicle. I once tried it on a Mini Cooper (which is one of the smallest cars) and it worked great.


I know many of you won’t be happy to hear this but you’ll have to remove the case of your iPad. This is because the mount isn’t thick enough to hold an iPad with a case. Of course, the case is meant to protect your device but because the mount can’t fit it in with the case, it means that you’ll be off-roading without the case and this technically leaves your device exposed.

Again, I noticed that the manufacturer pointed out that the mount can perfectly secure all generations of iPads including iPad 2. Unfortunately, this isn’t true as it doesn’t actually fit the iPad 2.

My Take

If you’ve been looking for a mount that is easy to use, this mount can be a great option. It’s very reliable and designed for the most demanding environments. However, the fact that you’ll have to remove the case of your iPad for it to fit on the mount is a very glaring shortcoming. Again, this might not be the right mount for you if you have an iPad 2.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very easy to use
  • Very adjustable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t work with iPad 2
  • Cannot fit perfect if your iPad has its casing

Multi-Flex Car Mount CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount - The Most Stylish

Picture of the Multi-Flex Car Mount CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount

When I first got my hands on the CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount, I was a little anxious on whether such a stylish Ipad mount would be ideal for off-roading, but oh boy; it proved me wrong and exceeded my expectations! Let’s highlight a few of its features.

Superb Adjustability

This is arguably the most multi-jointed iPad mount out there. This is an incredible feature that allows you to comfortably display your iPad in the front seat of your vehicle during your off-roading escapades. These joints are designed in such a way that you can easily adjust, tilt, or rotate the angle of your device at 360 degrees.

Sturdy and Secure

The safety of your device is, of course, a  top priority. This Ipad mount is designed sturdily with arms and folding clasps to lock the mount in place and prevent it from any unwanted movement. It also has a lock and key system that protects your device from theft.

Unlike most of the off-road Ipad mounts that I’ve covered, this is one of the very few mounts that are designed with a unique corner grip design, which are meant not just to prevent anyone from removing your tablet when locked but also to allow you to fully access your Ipad’s buttons, cameras, and ports.


In terms of compatibility, the CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount is compatible with devices ranging from 7 inches to 14 inches including Galaxy Tab S3, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro 12.9, and many others. As far as vehicle type is concerned, this mount will work perfectly with most types of vehicles including off-road vehicles, commercial trucks, emergency vehicles, taxis, delivery trucks, and many more. It has adjustable joints that make it very flexible to fit even in vehicles with very constrained spaces.


I’d be doing you a serious injustice if I do not highlight its drawbacks. Well, this mount feels kind of bulky and may obtrude into your dashboard but this may depend on where you’ve mounted it. This means that it can be quite frustrating to drive with, so you’ll have to find a way of positioning it so that it doesn’t impinge on the driver's seat.

My Take

This is, without a doubt, a very elegant and stylish off-road Ipad mount but that may sometimes not be enough if it’s not serving you right. Well, the CTA Multi-Flex Car Mount is a solid mount, super reliable, and very easy to install but a bit expensive. So if you can find a way to position it so that it doesn’t impinge on your seat or the dashboard and you’re okay with its price, then you’ll be good to go.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very stylish and elegant
  • Adjustable
  • Sturdy and secure

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can impinge on the dashboard
  • Very expensive

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying the Best Off-Road Ipad Mounts?

Having various ways of entertaining yourself in your vehicle is essential in making your trip more enjoyable. This is essentially why an Ipad mount is an important device for your off-road trips. Whether your off-road trip is short or long, having the best off-road Ipad mount will make the trip more enjoyable.

Having said that, here are factors to consider when looking to buy the best off road Ipad mounts.


Not all Ipads are the same. Some are larger than others and the same applies to these mounts. As such, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your iPad or tablet and whether it will snugly fit on the mount.

Most off-road Ipad mounts are designed to accommodate tablets ranging from 7 inches to 12 inches, although some are designed to hold larger or even smaller devices. It’s, therefore, important to consider the size and thickness of your tablet and whether the Ipad mount you’re going for can hold it securely.

Again, you should consider vehicle compatibility. I know it can be quite frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on an off-road Ipad mount only to find that it isn’t compatible with your vehicle. It’s, therefore, important to confirm that your chosen mount is compatible with your vehicle.


Tablets and iPads are among your most important mobile devices. In addition to holding your crucial information, they aren’t that cheap. As such, you have to make sure that the Ipad mount that you choose is stable and can hold your device securely. Of course, you do not want to go for an Ipad mount that is wobbly or not strong enough to keep your Ipad from moving around or falling.

Again, you want something for those bumpy off-road escapades, so the Ipad mount that you choose has to be sturdy, stable, and very solid.

Ease of Use

If you have to use an Ipad while driving, you have to make sure that it’s easily accessible. This is to ensure that you aren’t distracted. You should, therefore, consider its configuration, ease of use, flexibility, and so on. For example, some off-road Ipad mounts can tilt at 180 degrees while others can tilt at 360 degrees. Whichever Ipad mount you choose, you should make sure that it can allow both the driver and the passenger to easily access the tablet, as well as its ports.


Driving off-road can be quite harsh. This is exactly why you need a durable Ipad mount that can withstand the bumpy off-road terrain without becoming wobbly. This is why you should avoid off road Ipad mounts that are built with low-quality plastic materials.


Off-road Ipad mounts are fairly affordable. You, however, have to remember that cheaper options might not be up to the task. As such, do not go for very cheap options because they’re likely made of low-quality plastic and might become frustrating down the road. That being said, mounts that cost north of $20 are generally durable, more flexible, and can accommodate a wider range of devices.

Pro Tips

In my research and review of the best off road Ipad mounts, I’ve learned the following tips and I believe they can help you when in the market for the best off-road Ipad mounts.

  • Get the exact measurement of your Ipad, tablet, or device before buying an Ipad mount. Make sure that the Ipad mount that you go for can perfectly hold your device. In fact, you should try the device physically if you’re buying from a store.
  • Make sure that the mount can perfectly fit in your vehicle. Some mounts may not be ideal for some types of vehicles, so you should be aware of this.