It’s easy to follow many off-road enthusiasts across the world thanks to social media. These best off road Instagram pages offer glimpses into this lifestyle.

The best off-road Instagram pages that offer a glorified lens into the amazing lifestyle of off-roading include overlandtheamericas, desktoglory, ovrlndx, and rockcreekoverland among others. These pages are impressive, authentic, and will offer a little inspiration for the off-road lifestyle.

As an off-road enthusiast, you probably want to keep tabs on what fellow off-roaders are doing as they make their way across various destinations across the U.S and beyond. Fortunately, Instagram is a great platform for getting up close and personal into the off-roading lifestyle. In addition to motivating you to get out there, enjoy fresh air, and get your hands dirty as you attempt to conquer the rough-and-tumble trails, going through these pages will help you learn a thing or two about off-roading. You’ll know what makes a good off-road vehicle and learn some off-road techniques from other people’s experiences.

Thanks to the omnipresence of social media in our lives, it wasn’t difficult for me to create a curated list of the best off-road Instagram pages. As an ardent off-road enthusiast, I’ve followed some of these pages for quite a long time and I know the value that they can add to your off-roading life from their experiences of traveling overland. I also consulted with a couple of authoritative off-road travel websites such as Oars and Outworld on what they think about these Instagram pages just to make sure that the information provided herein is reliable.

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6 Best Off-Road Instagram Pages

Below are the 6 best off-road Instagram pages that will inspire you to get out there and explore the best that nature has got to offer.

1. Overlandtheamericas - Include Other Excursions  

Have you ever wanted to overland the Americas and even beyond? Well, there’s no other place that will have you inspired than the overlandtheamericas Instagram page. For four years (2015-2019), couples Ernesto Lopez and Taisa Welhasch explored 23 countries of the Americas in their Toyota 4Runner and rooftop tent.

Using her experience as an adventure traveler and trip planner, Taisa planned out their adventure not just to include off-roading but also other outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, diving, and visiting various national parks across the countries. Having been a through and through off-roader, Taisa notes that it’s important to include other excursions such as finding the best local cuisines and captivating views just as it’s important to include a pair of traction boards.

On the other hand, Ernesto is an avid photographer and is very passionate about cars, world culture, and sustainable travel. He’s visited over 40 countries, 30 of them by vehicle. Currently, he’s planning for an off-road trip through Central Asia and Africa and is well underway with works on his new Land Cruiser 78 Series.

Ernesto and Taisa have been sharing their travel stories and experiences on various platforms. They’ve curated a selection of amazing photos on their page. Ernesto, who is a Venezuelan-American, is in his element when backpacking, hiking, and camping during their off-road trips. Similarly, Taisa is at her happiest when practicing yoga on top of a mountain.

One thing that you can learn from this Instagram page is what is known as the golden rule of off-road driving. Ernesto says that the first rule is being aware of the countryside code. For example, he says that you should give way to wildlife, stay within the bounds of existing tracks, and refrain from damaging the environment. He also stresses on the importance of having permission by noting that you shouldn’t drive in a given place if you don’t have permission to drive there.

2. Desktoglory - Keep It Simple

Have you ever thought of quitting your 9-5 job just to become a full-time adventurer? Well, desktoglory is a great Instagram page to draw some inspiration. Richard and Ashley Giordano made a big decision in the Spring of 2013. They sold their belongings, quit their jobs, and decided to explore the world by becoming full-time adventurers.

But before quitting your job to become a full-time adventurer, there are a few things to learn from Richard and Ashley. The couple was craving freedom but they didn’t have a lot in savings. As such, they figured out that keeping it simple was the best way to go. Ashley’s dad had a 1990 Toyota pickup sitting in his backyard. The couple bought a new engine, wheels, tires, suspension, and updated the interior.

The couple then embarked on an off-road trip exploring the West Coast. They then crossed the border to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and this was when it really sank in. The couple from Vancouver, Canada upgraded their vehicle to suit the purpose and before long, they found themselves in Ushuaia, Argentina, and back to Canada.

After spending almost two years living out of a rooftop tent, they decided to upgrade by buying a 1993 Mitsubishi Delica. The main aim was to build an RV that could give them the versatility of going to various off-road adventures such as on mountains, mud, and sand terrains.

One of the most important things that you can learn from this amazing couple is to always keep it simple and uncomplicated. The first thing is to know your vehicle. According to Richard; “The key to safe driving on any terrain is having a proper knowledge of your vehicle and what it can or cannot do.” This is why they equipped their 1990 Toyota perfectly to tackle various terrains. The couple had to learn a lot of things about their pickup including engine sump, gearbox, and differentials. Richard notes that this was integral to avoid hitting the important parts of your vehicle on rocks or other obstacles.

Another important thing to learn from this Instagram page is to avoid doing anything if you have any doubts. “Off-roading is just a drive and you should always strive to keep the risk to a minimum,” Ashley added.

3. Ovrlndx - Going Over Rocky Terrain

One of the many challenges that many off-roaders face in off-road trips is crossing rocky terrains. But if you’ve faced these challenges, then you’ll probably wonder how Marco Hernandez and the guys from Ovrlndx manage to do it with ease. Well, they’ve mastered the art of driving on the rocks!

It may seem weird but these guys seem to have a knack for taking their Jeeps over rocky terrains. But from what they say, you can’t doubt their skills of going through such challenging terrains. One of the most important things they do before going on rocky terrains is getting out of the vehicle and assessing the rocks and scree. And it’s not just about assessing the terrain, you have to follow your gut feelings. If you feel it’s safe to continue, you have to proceed carefully using low-range first gear.

From what I see from the page, you should have somebody outside the vehicle to guide you through the rocks or perhaps fit surround cameras on the vehicle. They also seem to secure anything in the vehicle that could easily fall when navigating uneven grounds. If you’re sliding or steering downhill, gently apply the throttle so that you do not lose traction. You should also keep a keen eye on anything that could unbalance the vehicle. And if the terrain seems impossible, you should stop the vehicle, reverse, and choose a more suitable route.

As you can see, this page oozes a lot of knowledge when it comes to navigating rocky terrains. No matter the type of terrain, make sure that three wheels are on the ground at all times. In terms of vehicle type, Hernandez believes that Jeep is one of the best vehicles for off-roading. He, however, admits that he’s customized his with some of the best systems such as the Teraflex long-arm suspension, which he believes offer the best on-and-off-the-pavement ride and performance. His vehicle also has a Genesis dual battery system to give him peace of mind knowing that his vehicle will have enough juice to go through the Arctic weather.

Another important thing that you’ll learn from this wonderful page is that it’s very possible to eat good and tasty food while on off-road trips. These guys have brought home kitchens to the trails to enhance healthy eating, which they believe is great for off-roading.

4. Rockcreekoverland - Using Technology while Off-Road

If you’ve been looking for a superb Instagram page that can educate and inspire you, rockcreekoverland is a great place to start off on this incredible outdoor lifestyle and journey. Some of the most notable things on the page are how it’s so engaging through storytelling as well as how they use technology to enhance their off-road trips.

This is a group of outdoor enthusiasts who believe that keeping your mind open in regards to what you can or cannot include in your off-road trip is an essential part of enjoying such a lifestyle. That being said, you’ll learn a lot of things from the page such as how to incorporate technology on your off-road trips. For example, you’ll learn that it’s important to have a winch extension that works with a pulley block just in case you get stuck in the mud.

In one of their incredible pictures, they take their Toyota Tundra Boomer in exploring strange new trails that they believe no man has tried before. Their idea is to avoid civilization while seeking out astonishing adventure and also giving tips to their followers. For example, they believe that the best way to drive on slippery, icy, and muddy terrain in a 4x4 is by moving off in second gear. This will help you reduce the risk of wheel spin. They believe that the most important thing when tackling such terrains is by finding the right balance between traction and momentum.

Again, they note that if you have to go off-road, it’s important that you choose a vehicle that’s best suited for such a terrain. One of the tips that I’ve learned from them is that going on an off-road trip on the hills is to first assess and investigate the area on foot. The main idea here is to know what’s on the other side of the hill. When driving on a hill, the group says that you should approach the hill straight on and not diagonally as this can help you avoid rolling.

Just from these few tips, you can see why this Instagram page is engaging and full of important off-road if you want to grasp a thing or two about making your off-road trips amazing.

5. Drewmartin - Offroading with the Family

For somebody who describes himself as a wanderer and photographer, you can imagine some of the things that will bombard you when you visit Drew Martin’s Instagram feed. This is somebody who is not only dedicated to the off-roading lifestyle but is always on hand to share with us his experiences, tips, and knowledge on off-road adventures.

One of the first things that you’ll notice on this Instagram page is that Drew Martin often indulges on off-road trips with his family. As a husband and a dad, he often posts pictures of himself, his wife, and his young son on various destinations. You’ll find the family cooking and enjoying sumptuous meals derived from cuisines of various places that they visit.

As far as offroading with his family is concerned, Drew notes that you have to be always prepared for the journey as this will make things a lot easier. You must have all the necessities including medicine at all times.

In terms of his shots, Drew notes that you shouldn’t focus too much on getting a new camera, new phone, or new tripods. Instead, just express your vision, feelings, passion, and destinations using whatever gadget that you have and it will appear immaculate. Just do it spontaneously and it will appear perfect. His passion for documenting every part of the journey will hook you up and turn you into one of his many fans.

6. Basillynch - The Importance of Involving Professional Repair

One of the most known names in America’s off-road and overland communities is Basil Lynch. He’s crisscrossed North America from its northernmost point in Alaska to its easternmost point in Newfoundland, and as far south as Mexico. The good thing is, Basil has been documenting everything and posting on his Instagram feed for his fellow off-road enthusiasts to enjoy.

Some of the vehicles that Basil has used on his off-road escapades include the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, the 2000 Ford F-250 that he affectionately calls “Bruce”, and a 1991 Toyota Hilux, which he has christened “Wall-E”.

As a professional photographer and blogger, you can be sure that Basil’s page is engaging to say the least. In one of his posts, he seems to have had a bad tire but his caption says it all. After traveling for nearly a decade, Basil says that one of the most important lessons he’s learned is bringing a spare tire.

He also advises that there are some things on the vehicle that should always be done by a professional. Basil admits that he always does 90% of the work on his truck but trusts the remaining 10% with a professional. Unfortunately, he narrates how he once had a catastrophic failure on his rear differential after the ring gear bolts got damaged due to shoddy work by somebody he trusted. From his experience, you should leave the professionals to handle the underside of your car.

He admits that one of his favorite trails is the Moab in Utah where he often goes hiking, biking, and wheeling.