One of the key decisions for prospective Jeep owners is choosing between the popular Sahara and Sahara Altitude trims. Here’s what you need to know about each.

The Sahara Altitude is a blacked-out version of the Sahara with a slight difference. They have the same engine, suspension, and transmission but the Altitude package includes gloss black rims, black badging, and black accents. The Altitude is also priced higher at $52,780.

In this guide, we'll take a deeper look at the specifics of these two vehicles to help you make an informed decision. We will explain everything from performance to interior design. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect Wrangler for your adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sahara is a four-door model with customizable standard and optional features, including heated seats, navigation, and premium audio systems.
  • Notable Altitude enhancements include more aggressive tires, gloss black rims, and black badging for a stylish appearance.
  • Choosing between them depends on your needs for customization, cost-effectiveness, and style preferences.

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Sahara Vs. Sahara Altitude: Here’s What You Need To Know

Jeep Wranglers are consistently ranked as the most popular SUVs each year. But what’s the difference between these two vehicles?

Here’s what you need to know about each one so you can make an informed decision before heading to your local dealership.

Jeep Wrangler Sahara Overview

Things can get confusing when you look at all the available Wrangler models. The Sahara is usually near the top of the list because of its off-road capabilities. The upgraded 44 solid axles, front suspension, and a 3.6L V6 engine deliver 285 horsepower.

Let's dive into some of its features and performance capabilities.

Exterior Features

The Sahara has an unmistakable Jeep design. Some of the standout exterior features include:

  • Removable doors and roof
  • LED headlights and fog lamps
  • 18-inch aluminum wheels
  • Side steps for easy access

Interior Features

The Sahara model's interior ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Some of the key features include:

  • Advanced technology for seamless connectivity and entertainment
  • High-quality materials used for upholstery and trim
  • Customizable cargo space
  • Optional heated front seats and steering wheel


The Wrangler Sahara doesn't compromise on performance. Key performance features include:

  • Standard 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine
  • Optional 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 and 3.0L diesel engines
  • Command-Trac 4x4 System for off-road prowess
  • Impressive fuel efficiency and towing capacity

Jeep Wrangler Sahara Altitude Overview

Now we can move on to the more stylish and feature-rich edition of the classic Wrangler Sahara. The Altitude offers a fresh look with added styling features tailored to off-roaders like myself who love black accents and more rugged designs.

This Jeep gives me a sense of luxury more than any other Jeep model does. The black chrome accents throughout its exterior body paneling are something you don’t see on any other Jeep.

Remember, this vehicle is extremely similar. But we will explore the exterior and interior features, along with the performance of this unique model.

Exterior Features

The Sahara Altitude stands out in the crowd with its distinctive exterior styling. Its bold and aggressive looks are elevated by features such as larger 18-inch wheels that significantly improve over the smaller-wheel models.

These wheels give the Wrangler a more assertive stance on the road. A few notable features include:

  • Gloss black rims & wheels
  • Black accents
  • Black body color hardtop
  • Gloss black grille
  • Mopar hard top headliner

Interior Features

Inside the Sahara Altitude, you'll find unique features that distinguish it from the standard Sahara. While maintaining the classic Wrangler comfort and functionality, the Sahara Altitude offers additional styling and accents that enhance the overall driving experience.

A couple of upgrades to note include the following:

  • Black leather interior
  • Black interior accents


The Wrangler Sahara Altitude has a powerful 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas engine. Jeep also offers an optional 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine for those looking for more torque and fuel efficiency.

Combined with its rugged suspension and handling, this Jeep provides the ideal balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability, ensuring a thrilling driving experience wherever you go. But we can’t forget a few of these features too.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring Sensor
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Park View Rear Back-Up Camera

Sahara Vs Sahara Altitude Key Differences

The three key differences between these vehicles are the interior design and style, exterior design and style, and the wheels.

Interior Design & Styling

Both the Jeep Wrangler Sahara and Sahara Altitude offer plenty of interior features to ensure a comfortable and customizable ride.

However, the Sahara Altitude comes with a few extras for a more upscale feel, such as heated seats and navigation. But there is much more too.

  • No Sahara logo on the interior seats
  • Black interior leather
  • More spacious rear seat area

Exterior Design & Styling

When it comes to design and styling preferences, I favor dark colors and black finishes on SUVs like this. The black interior trim updates and design stands out more. It also has better longevity than a white or chrome finish.

That’s why I can’t recommend the Altitude enough with these exterior design features.

  • Black exterior accents
  • Black body color
  • Sahara is not available in Granite Crystal color


We can’t mention these two vehicles without highlighting the wheel differences. Personally, I love the aggressive wheel design of the Altitude package. The gloss black finish holds a better shine after a mud adventure and looks sleek at all times.

There is nothing wrong with the chrome wheels on the regular Sahara. But my style preference heavily favors everything the Altitude model has to offer.

Pricing and Packages

When comparing the Jeep Wrangler Sahara and Sahara Altitude, pricing and packages play a crucial role in decision-making. The Sahara Altitude's starting price is slightly higher at $52,780 compared to the base Sahara.

Despite the difference in price, the Sahara Altitude package offers enhanced features and styling options as part of the Altitude package. This includes:

  • More aggressive tires
  • Gloss black rims
  • Black badging

The additional features included in the Altitude package offer better value when compared to the cost of adding these features individually to the base Sahara model.

Both the Sahara and Unlimited Sahara Altitude offer similar engine possibilities, and the Altitude package is primarily focused on appearance improvements and hardtop options. Potential buyers need to consider their priorities and preferences when choosing between these two trims.

Sahara Vs. Sahara Altitude: Which Is Better?

The hard part is over. We’ve explained the features, looked at the pricing differences, and analyzed the key differences between each model. So now we have to decide which is the better vehicle.

Overall, the obvious choice is the Sahara Altitude. It has everything the base Sahara has but with a better exterior design, improved styling, and better rims and wheels. It feels like more than just a Sahara and the pricing agrees with us too.

If budget is not something weighing on your decision, we recommend buying the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara package. The Rubicon model is another option if you aren't sold on the Sahara as your next vehicle.