If you want to protect your truck bed, it can be difficult choosing the best bed liner product. This comparison will help you pick between Rhino and Line-X.

Rhino Bed Liner is a thicker, softer, grippier material than Linex bed liner, and most people will be more happy with Rhino linings in their truck bed. Either product will go a long way toward improving your truck bed longevity, grip, and UV-resistance.

From hauling Home Depot loads for projects around the house to venturing into wild off-road territory, I know that you need to do everything you can to protect your truck from taking a beating. Spray-on truck bed liners are one of the best ways to improve the durability and functionality of your vehicle. For this article I dug into all the details on Rhino vs LineX to help you decide which truck bed liner is best.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Rhino and Line-X truck bed liners work well for protecting and adding grip to your truck bed.
  • The softer, grippier texture of Rhino Liner makes it a more practical choice for most people.
  • Line-X is technically more durable, but you’re unlikely to have wear issues with either product.
  • The key factor for any truck bed liner is the installation. Make sure you pick a good installer.

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Rhino Bed Liners

With over 30 years in the industry, Rhino Liner is one of the most popular options for truck bed liners, and for good reason. This thick, rubbery truck bed liner is durable and extremely practical. It provides awesome grip to keep things from sliding around in the bed and is comfortable to kneel on.

Installation of Rhino Bed Liner

Rhino truck bed liners are installed with a spray-on method. Unlike Line-X which has a franchise system of dedicated installers, there can be a big difference between Rhino-Liner installers.

Installation makes all the difference in quality and longevity, so you want to do your homework when picking an installer.

Some installers use a cold-spray process, which can lead to bubbling and inferior bonding. Make sure you find an installer that uses a high-temperature spray system to make sure you get the best performance from your Rhino Lining.

Performance of Rhino Bed Liner

Durability and Protection of Rhino Liner

Rhino Liner creates a nice thick layer of rubbery material in the bed of your truck. If installed correctly, you shouldn’t need to worry about tearing, scratching, or otherwise damaging this liner.

The one place you are likely to see issues is with color fade from ultraviolet radiation. This really is just a visual thing, and doesn’t impact performance. I’d recommend sticking with black color so that when it fades, you just get a charcoal gray.

Grip and Texture of Rhino Liner

The thicker material of Rhino Liner gives it a more rubbery texture and feel than Line-X. To most people, this material just feels better and more comfortable. This is definitely an advantage if you need to work on your knees in the truck bed.

The softer texture also means Rhino bed lining is less likely to scratch or damage any cargo you put in the bed of your truck. If you are frequently moving furniture and don’t want to constantly worry about protecting everything with moving blankets, this is another plus.

Rhino Liners offer better grip in all conditions. The rubbery material can feel almost tacky and is great at preventing items from shifting around.

Aesthetic of Rhino Liner

Because Rhino Liner is a thicker material, it will round out and fill in some corners in your truck bed. Its rubbery texture also gives Rhino truck bed liners more of a matte appearance.

Line-X Bed Liners

Line-X bed liner has long been the gold standard for a spray-on truck bed liner. Its durable material provides long-lasting protection, and the rough texture adds great grip.

Installation of Line-X Bed Liner

Line-X bed liner is also a spray-on liner that is installed with a high temperature, high-pressure spray system. This ensures the material chemically bonds to your truck bed for maximum longevity and toughness.

One benefit of Line-X spray-on liners is that Line-X has a purpose-specific franchise of installers that all use the same process and equipment. This means you can expect the same quality installation no matter where you go.

Performance of Line-X Bed Liner

Durability and Protection of Line-X Liner

The Line-X bed liners are significantly harder and thinner than Rhino Tuff-Grip liners. The coating is also much thinner.

While it’s easy to assume that a thinner coating means it’s weaker, the harder material actually makes this bed liner extremely durable. As long as you use a good installer you can expect this bed liner to last as long as your truck.

Grip and Texture of Line-X Liner

Line-X liners tend to have a quite rough surface texture despite its thinner nature. While the grip isn’t as good as the rubbery material of Rhino Liner, it still offers plenty of non-slip ability.

One of the biggest complaints with Line-X is that this hard, rough surface can be quite uncomfortable if you need to kneel or lean on your hands in the truck bed.

Aesthetic of Line-X Liner

The rough, hard nature of Line-X can make it appear sparkly in the sun when it is new or recently cleaned. This is a unique and interesting visual appearance that most people prefer to the matte rubbery look of Rhino Liner.

Also, because Line-X is a thinner coating, it matches the contours of your truck bed better. This means this coating will generally look sleeker and more form-fitting than Rhino bed liner.

Which to Choose: Rhino vs Line-X?

Reasons to Choose Rhino Bed Liner

Reasons to Choose Line-X Bed Liner

  • Rhino Liner has a softer, more resilient texture that is more comfortable if you’re working in the truck bed.
  • The rubbery texture of Rhino Liner makes this bed lining material more grippy in all conditions.
  • Rhino Liner is less likely to scratch or damage furniture or other items.
  • This harder, rougher bed liner is more resistant to wear and tear than Rhino Liner.
  • The thinner coating of Line-X means this bed liner does a better job of conforming to the shape of your truck bed.

Rhino Liner vs Line-X: Things in Common

While there are definitely differences between these two products, they have a lot in common and perform the same basic function.

  • Both Rhino Liner and Line-X are spray-on truck bed liners that add protection, durability, and grip to truck beds.
  • Both spray-on bed liners can be applied with a high-temperature, high-pressure method, though for Rhino Liners the process may vary from one installer to the next.
  • Both truck bed liners actually use very similar chemical compositions. This is another reason why picking a good installer is more important than differences between the products.
  • Rhino actually has products that are more similar to the harder material of Line-X. These can be found in their SolarMax, Extreme, and HardLine product lines.
  • The two products actually have very similar costs as well. On average most people pay $450-$500 for having Line-X or Rhino Liner installed. The biggest difference will be between different installers.

General Considerations on Truck Bed Liners

Whether you decide to go with Rhino Liner or Line-X, a truck bed liner is a fantastic way to improve durability and grip in your truck bed. Whichever product you choose, here are a few key factors to keep in mind as you research the best truck bed liner for you.

Color-Matching and UV Fade

Whatever truck bed liner you choose, the color will fade over time in the sun if you don’t specifically opt for ultraviolet radiation protection.

Both Line-X and Rhino Liner offer options with additive chemicals that will prevent UV degradation, but these are an additional cost.

Since UV color fading is just a visual thing and doesn’t affect functionality, it’s not really a big deal unless you’ve specifically had the color matched to your vehicle’s paint. In that case, faded bed liner can look cheap next to your paint.

I’d recommend just going with a black bed liner. That way, when it fades you’re just left with charcoal gray and it still looks good.

The Installer is Key

Because there are so many similarities between Rhino and Line-X, you can’t really go wrong with either product. The thing that makes the biggest difference isn’t actually the product itself, but the process and quality of the installation.

Rather than obsessing over technical differences between different truck bed liners, I’d recommend doing your homework on different installers near you. Look up reviews. Call installers to learn more about their processes. If you know someone who has had a truck bed liner installed, ask them about their experience.

Poor installation can lead to bubbling, peeling, cracking, or other problems. Good installation will give you a durable, high-quality finish no matter what product you pick.