Pit Bull tires are loved by serious driving enthusiasts. This Pit Bull tires review can help you understand why this brand of tires is so popular.

Pit Bull Tires are a fan-favorite when it comes to ATV, UTV, and LT tires. These tires have aggressive features and are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including advanced durable rubber compounds, self-cleaning function, and more that allows the tires to last longer.

Pit Bull specializes in creating off-road tires with increased load-bearing capacity and more ground clearing. The brand has an excellent reputation in the market because of its state-of-the-art product that makes it possible for drivers to find the product that fits their vehicle perfectly. In addition, they also have exceptional customer service.        

My team and I have tested the bestselling Pit Bull tires to understand whether they hold true to the hype. We found out that they work excellently with a range of different vehicles and are equipped with many features that make them a great off-roading tire.

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Overview of Pit Bull Tires

Pit Bull Brands, LLC is owned and operated by an American family for over 80 years. The company sells a range of tires for all types of vehicle but they shine the most in the off-road tire market with high end SUVs, trucks, ATVs, and UTVs.

Pit Bull tires offer double tread patterns that can grip all sorts of off-road surfaces tightly, including gravel, dirt, and mud. The tires are equipped with advanced sidewall protection that makes them more durable and prevents punctures.

Most Pit Bull tires have rugged designs with aggressive tread patterns that give it rock crawling capabilities, allowing it to handle different terrains in different weather conditions.

Currently, the brand is offering ATV/UTV radials, LT radials or LT bias tires, which are perfect for improving off-road performance.

Types of Pit Bull Tires

Pit Bull tires are designed for a range of ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, and trucks as well as other applications. These heavy duty tires have a high load-bearing capacity and a durable and long-lasting tread.

Here are some of the options they are currently offering:

ATV /UTV Tires

Pit Bulls’ ATV/UTV tires are high-performance tires with superior traction that come in a range of excellent designs. These tires are very tough so they can tolerate the roughest terrains. They are durable and offer extended warranties.

These tires also come in specialized tread patterns for a variety of purposes. These include winter tread, self-cleaning treads, turf tread, mud tread, and more.

Below are some popular ATV/UTV tires by Pit Bull.

Pit Bull Growler All-Terrain Extra DOT Radial

The Radial Growler A/T Extra DOT Radial is a true-to-goodness tire that has been deemed street-legal by the US Department of Transportation. This is the most up-to-date extra tire for all terrains for serious trail riding.

The tire not just offers excellent off-road grip for trucks and SUVs, it can also be driven on roads. It is engineered with the company’s proprietary Fang Technology that covers the sidewall and offers more strength, stability, and traction to the tire shoulders.

The tires come with tread blocks with rounded edges to reduce noise and wear and have aggressive multiple varied tread blocks for improved traction. They are equipped with staggered center lugs that provide a biting edge to the tire and improve its ability to maneuver in all weather.

The steel-belted radial tire has a tread pattern that is optimized for long use and it has a low profile design that makes it an excellent tire for lift kits and other suspension modifications.

The sipes are also located strategically and allow easy cleaning of the tires. In addition, its stone kicker bars help to shake off any dirt or debris accumulation. The tire offers excellent traction, even on loose surfaces. It also fits a wide variety of vehicles and works very well on UTVs on sand terrains.

The tires also come with rim guards and are considered to be one of the very best snow tires in the market.

PitBull Rocker UberXOR  Radial

The Pit Bull Rocker Uber XOR Radial  is one of the toughest and versatile multi-condition ATV and UTV Radial tires around. The tires are seriously rugged and aggressive, specifically engineered to withstand the harshest terrains on the planet. These 4x4, sides x sides and utility ATV tires offer a lot of function and enjoyment for extreme drivers.

The tires feature patented High Void tread design inspired by the brand’s Champion Rocker extreme off-road LT tires. It features multi-varied reinforced tread blocks that create a staggered alternating bite pattern for maximum gripping, stability, and clean out. The rounded edge tread blocks also reduce wear and tear from the tires. The sloping design of the divots on the tread lugs increase biting edge while reducing the weight of the tire without compromising traction.

The tires are equipped with ExD (Extra Deep) Rim Guards that offer exceptional wheel lip protection and make off-roading hassle-free and worry-free. The Tear It Up rubber compound technology has proven itself time and again on Pit Bull’s other tires and does not disappoint on the Rocker Uber XOR ATV/UTV Radial either. This, combined with the state-of-the-art construction technology, makes it an incredibly tough tire with optimal flex for a smooth and enjoyable ride and long lasting wear.

Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 ATV/UTV Radials

The Pit Bull Growler BG2.5 ATV/UTV Radials are one of the most versatile and toughest all-purpose tires in the Pit Bull Growler line up. The tires work great on snow, sand, mud, rock, and trail conditions, thanks to their aggressive, rugged and hardcore design that has been especially engineered to be used on UTV, ATV, side x side.

The specialist tires are made from supple and strong rubber compound which offers optimal flexibility and a strong bite without treadwear.

The Growler BG2.5 is designed for more aggressive drivers who want something with a taller profile and a more serious biting edge that kicks up some debris.

Although the thick staggered tread blocks make it seem like they may not offer a smooth ride on hardpack terrain, the BG2.5 offers a decent footprint so that you can drive on roads, highways, and tarmacs to get to the trails.

The BG2.5 is different from others in the lineup since most of its sizes are 6ply-rated and more affordable. This does not mean Pit Bull skimps on the rubber quality and construction. It just means you get much more value for your money.

LT Radial Tires

Pitbull LT Radial tires are made of premium quality materials and are engineered for any type of vehicle. They are designed with a patented steel belt that offers maximum traction and the best possible grip on the road.

LT Radial tires are the most popular choice for off-road enthusiasts that are looking for increased load capacity. These tires are excellent for driving your vehicles on rugged terrain, including mud, snow, and several other off-road conditions.

Pit Bull LT Radial tires are one of the very best performers in the ATV, UTV, SUV, and truck market. If you are looking for better off-road performance from the tires with a self-cleaning feature in case of mud driving, then this tire lineup is for you.

Let’s take a look at Pit Bull’s most popular LT Radial Tires.

Pit Bull Maddog Mud Terrain LT Radial

The Pit Bull Mad Dog M/T LT Radial is a tire designed for serious enthusiasts who want a tire that can bear higher amounts of load and can give them extra ground clearance, with optimized off-road functions and excellent on-road handling. These tires may not be the most fuel efficient for heavy rigs but they come with a lot of gripping capabilities and traction.

The Mad Dog M/T LT Radial tires offer an aggressive tread design with a shuriken and diamond pattern in the center that delivers exceptional off-roading capabilities without sacrificing the on-road feel.

The tires feature the most advanced Mud Terrain feature that also offers superior self-cleaning abilities as well as exceptional traction in loose, wet, and slippery ground, including in deep mud, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, off-road trails, unpaved roads, and jobsite use.

It comes with integrated sidewall protectors that prevent tears and punctures to the tires shoulders and looks great as well. The tire is equipped with 72 independent staggered lugs that offer superior grabbing and flexing abilities and provide excellent cleanout properties while offering enough surface patch to maintain better handling and stability.

These tires also have a narrow profile which means drivers can easily mount without having to buy new rims, which can be a cost-saving opportunity.

Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore LT Radial

The Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore LT Radial is a middle tire that is not just designed to help you achieve your daily on-road goals but also does not skimp on the off-road features and benefits that people have come to expect from Pit Bull.

The Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore LT Radial gives you the best of both all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. It offers you excellent comfort and handling when driving on road with incredible traction and low noise.

The tire has a unique six-rib design that offers extra toughness, endurance and reliability for increased safety in tough conditions. It is one of the fan-favorites when it comes to light trucks and works well on highways, trails, towing, farms, and ranches.

Pit Bull offers a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty on these tires. The tire also shows incredible performance on ice, snow, and rain and has the 3-peak mountain snowflake symbol branded on its sides which indicates it meets the strict requirements of the RMA and RAC.

The tires feature multi-pitch variation tread blocks and pitch sequence treads that reduces tire noise even at high speed and helps it get a better grip. Thanks to its Stone Repellent Technology, the tire also pushes away loose stones and ensures stability.

Pit Bull also uses a combination of innovative siping techniques to offer drivers a multi-level 3D alternate direction and interlocking siping, to maximize gripping ability, reduce stress on sipes, and make sure your ride remains safe and stable on wet and snow.

In addition, the tire is made from Chip & Resistance rubber compound that reduces the risk of damage and 3 ply that strengthens the treads and sidewalls.

PitBull Rocker XOR (Extreme Off-Road) LT Radial

The Pit Bull Rocker XOR LT Radial tire is the tamer version of the brand’s most popular off-road bias tire. The XOR LT Radial tire still remains quite an aggressive tire but now comes with improved on-road capabilities, making it DOT-approved. These tires offer a more friendly and enjoyable ride than the Rocket LT Bias, but do not expect very long mileage on a heavy rig.

The tire is equipped with Pit Bull’s All Bite No Bark technology that prevents it from making a lot of noise. The tires have stepped lugs that help improve its grip and stability and has the same FANG Technology as the Growler Extra DOT Radials that offer it superior traction and strength of the sidewall and shoulders. The tires have big tread blocks which ensure more stability and better maneuvering.

The tires are made of Chip & Tear resistant rubber compound which is enhanced by the Tear It Up Technology that makes the tires puncture- and cut-resistant as well as heat resistant. This translates into a longer tire life.

People who also want to be stylish, the tires offer a cool side wall design featuring different style lettering on either side of the tire and other Tire Tattoos.

LT Bias Tires

People who love off-road but live in an urban or suburban area need the right tires that can deliver driving on both paved roads and rugged terrain. The Pitbull LT Bias tires come equipped with an extra sidewall protection, improved off-road gripping, and stronger sidewalls with enhanced durability.

The LT Bias tires are designed for people who require a more versatile type of driving. These tires deliver excellent performance both on-road and off-road and offer better durability with deep lugs with self-cleaning mechanisms that can repel mud and rocks as well.

The LT Bias tires are a great option for people who like to go off-roading for weekend getaways or trailblazing on their vacations. These tires are best suited for exploring dirt roads without sacrificing on-road and off-road performance while giving you an enhanced life expectancy.

Some of Pit Bull’s most popular LT Bias Tires are listed below:

PitBull Rocker LT Bias

The Pit Bull Rocker LT Bias tire is suitable for light trucks that are designed for trucks and SUVs. The tire is the LT Bias lineup’s most aggressive tire and is specially designed for rock crawling and other extreme off-road activities. The tire tolerates harsh off-road terrains and offers a smooth ride. To endure extreme conditions, the tire has to be extremely durable with a low rolling resistance coupled with solid fuel efficiency.

The Rocker LT Bias features real sidewall protections that provide strong protection to the tire’s sidewalls and rims from impact with various surfaces. These tires also come with rim guards. In addition, the All Bite No Bark technology reduces noise, no matter what kind of terrain you are traveling on.

The tires are equipped with the Fang and Tear It Up Technology that offer an improved biting grip to the shoulders of the tire and prevent them from getting punctured or cut up on sharp rocks, providing you several hours of care-free off-road pleasure.

The tires also feature deep lugs that offer good cleanout. The over-the-shoulder lugs deliver increased strength and traction and the staggered over-the-shoulder lugs help to reduce drag.

Pit Bull Growler LT Bias

The Pit Bull Growler LT Bias offers a great balance between Pit Bull’s All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tires. These tires work well in a variety of road conditions including snow, mud, rock, dirt, sand, and trail.

The tire features five circumferential grooves and are DOT legal. They are equipped with integrated sidewall protectors that prevent the tires sidewall and rim from sustaining any damage due to hard and abrasive terrains. These tires also come with rim guards for added protection.

Again, the Pit Bull Growler LT Bias features the All Bite No Bark technology that makes it noise resistant. The Fang Technology protects the rims and sidewall from impact and the Tear It Up Technology prevents cuts and punctures. The stone kicker bars prevent accumulation of matter.

All in all, these tires don’t just provide the looks — they also serve a purpose with their multiple lugs, sipes, and edges and maximize traction in harsh conditions.

Pit Bull Maddog LT Bias

The Pit Dog Maddog LT Bias tires are mud-terrain tires designed for enthusiasts who love off-roading and getting down and dirty in the muck. The tires offer real sidewall protectors that protect the shoulders and sidewalls of the tire from impact. The tires also come with rim guards that offer extra protection to the wheel rims.

Again, these tires are also equipped with the All Bite No Bark noise reducing technology that prevents the tires from emitting a lot of noise on rough surfaces even at high speeds. The tires also feature the Fang technology that provides a gripping edge and increases traction, stability, and overall driving stability.

The Tear It Up Technology is Pit Bull’s secret technology that ensures that its tires do not easily wear down, cut up or get punctured. In addition, these tires are also heat resistant, which means a much longer treadwear and many hours of off-roading pleasure.

The tires feature excellent cleanout, thanks to its deep lugs and strategically placed sipes. For better aesthetics, the Maddog LT Bias feature different style lettering on either side of the tires.

Key Benefits of Pit Bull Tires

Pit Bull tire lineups are so popular in the ATV/UTV, SUV, and truck market because they come with a wide range of advantages. They offer the best quality products at a relatively affordable price. Their dual-purpose tires are also road-legal and approved by the DOT and it is not just lip service. This makes them a great choice for people who are looking to invest in a new set of tires without it costing them an arm and leg.

Take a look at some of the amazing benefits Pit Bull tires offer you:

Enhanced Durability

The brand Pit Bull only offers elite-class, high-performance off-road tires. These tires are made of a reinforced rubber compound that offers excellent durability along with a sidewall protection so that their treads do not flatten quickly and reduce the tire’s life. The tire’s rubber compound is cut-resistant and puncture-proof and provides excellent stability when making a sharp turn or braking abruptly,

These tires are designed for all sorts of terrains including loose, hardpack, wet, snowy, slick, and muddy. The tires’ long tread life means they are good options for extended off-road use. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s excellent tread life warranty.

Reliable Traction and Performance

Pit Bull tires offer excellent gripping capabilities and come with several performance upgrades which deliver enhanced performance on mud, dirt, snow, and ice. These tires are built to last and can go up to a whopping 40,000 miles, so you can expect to get a lot of use from each tire for years to come.

These tires are reliable and very tough and are manufactured from strong rubber produced in America, specially engineered for more demanding off-road racers. Pit Bulls tires are available in a wide variety of sizes and can fit most vehicles.

These tires are crafted for all-season driving with added ice, snow, and mud-terrain features. They offer excellent performance in a wide variety of terrains and are available in radial, aggressive mud, and bias ply tires.

Affordable Pricing

Pit Bull offers its tires in a variety of lineups for different needs. The tires come in various ranges of pricing in a single category but are still relatively affordable and offer excellent value for money. I consider them a very good buy when selecting large off-road tires.