Selecting the perfect tire for your vehicle can be challenging. But with this Interco Tires Review, we aim to make the task as simple as possible for you.

Interco Tires started in 1946 and has been providing high-quality truck tires at affordable costs to budget-conscious Americans ever since. The firm has a rich history that informs its designs, with over 70 years of expertise creating high-quality tires for both consumers and competition events. Before you buy a model, read our Interco Tires reviews for detailed information.

The Interco Tires firm is the parent company of Super Swamper tires. This is an American company based in Louisiana. They manufacture a large range of tires for all-terrain vehicles and light trucks. They come in a variety of sizes to make your choices easier and more accessible.

Interco offers the largest selection of specialty light truck tires on the planet. 22 Lines comprised of 19 tread patterns and nearly 500 models. The vast majority of which are made in the United States. Only a small (single digit) percentage are made overseas, and they are made in Thailand.

This company has manufactured price-competing tire styles that appeal to an unending number of budget-conscious consumers. They have decades of tire manufacturing experience, allowing them to produce for both competition and consumer markets.

Our team has tested some Interco Tires to understand whether they match up to the hype. As a result, we have carefully crafted this review to help you determine whether this brand is the best fit for your vehicle.

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Interco Tires Review – A Complete Guide

You may roughly have to pay anywhere between $900 to $3,500 for a set of four tires, depending on the size of the vehicle and the manufacturer. Regardless of how you look at it, that's a significant investment to make without even trying them out beforehand.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with a number of outstanding tire companies, and Interco Tire Corporation is, without a doubt, one of our favorites. In the off-road/light-truck tire sector, Interco offers a large assortment of specialty tires for SUVs, jeeps, and light trucks. We've also had the opportunity to test four of Interco's best-selling tires on the same truck in a variety of road conditions during the last few years.

Interco tires have been on the market for a long time, and with each passing day, the company continues to manufacture newer, more original designs. Therefore, customers can expect the highest quality tires from the company, which will improve their driving experience. Interco offers numerous tire collections, the Super Swamper being the most popular.


The infamous IROK is loud and bold, and it is one of the best tires to choose from if you don't mind a little noise. The tire looks excellent and performs exceptionally well off-road.

Both bias and radial IROKs are available. They boast a distinctive, directional tread pattern that features the famed patented Interco Three Stage Lug (TSL) design, as well as exceptionally durable cored and cut-resistant compounds. These tires are typically driven well in the mud, but they can also withstand slush, snow, ice, and rain on the road. The IROKs tested, like most of Interco's tires, were 10-ply rated (load-range E) and performed admirably when towing 17,000-pound trailers on a daily basis. The one drawback is that when you put off-road tires on a three-quarter-ton truck, they don't survive for too long.


You might notice that the Interco SS-M16 is a favorite that can be found on a wide range of trucks. The shape of M16 round casings has been sculpted into the sidewall design by Interco—it doesn't get any more American than that! In fact, 98 percent of Interco's 450-plus model numbers of LT tires are built in the United States, including all of the M16s. The M16 is a radial mud-terrain tire, yet it is suitable for all seasons and driving situations. Its design is just brilliant. Interco calls it a "tweener" tire since it's an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire combined into one.

The M16 tire's compound is a tad harder than some of their real mud-terrain tires. At highway speeds, the M16s aren't nearly as noisy as the IROKs, and they have good traction on the wet roads. To gain a better grip when driving in ice and snow, you may need to drop the tire pressure, which most people in colder locations would do anyway.

This is a wonderful tire for those who are looking for a smooth ride on the highway but also want to travel along country back roads with loose gravel. Plus, they make a fantastic towing tire. When towing a hefty trailer, the sturdy sidewalls come in handy. This tire is a strong challenger and an excellent all-around performer.


The Interco TrXus M/T radial mud-terrain tire is, in our opinion, Interco's response to the demand for a smooth, ultra-quiet tire. You won't experience any unpleasant sounds or humming noises while driving during the dry weather with other M/T tires. The Interco TrXus M/T tire is an excellent daily driver. The tire operates admirably in the wet, with little hydroplaning. TrXus M/T tires have more siping than any other M/T tire on the market, which explains why.

In the snow, the Interco tire performs admirably. It's incredible how nicely the TrXus M/T handles in snowy and icy weather. We tested the tires and found that no chains were required; we were able to drive in the snow in a two-wheel drive for the most part, and the 65-pressure on the tires provided more than enough grip.

That's not all. The TrXus M/T is also a beast in the mud. When blazing through a muddy trail, its thick sidewall provides a fantastic chip- and cut-resistant compound. With a 4,000-pound maximum load per tire, this 10-ply load-range E tire proved to be ideal for regular driving and heavy towing. With these tires, you will not be dissatisfied. The sidewall design of the Interco TrXus M/T is unique (which looks ultra-aggressive to Prius owners).


Interco's newest design and next iconic tire is the Sniper M/T. The Sniper M/T is a "tweener" tire, similar to the M16. It's smooth and quiet, much like a sniper, as the name says. You won't even realize it's coming until it passes you by. For noise reduction management and superior on-road handling, a directed tread pattern with tightly-packed center tread blocks are used.

The Sniper M/T operates admirably on even the most difficult terrain, and it is unaffected by loose gravel. When driving on iced-over or snowy roads, the siped outer lugs give great traction, and there is no need to deflate. In thick snow and on muddy slopes, the strong sidewall gives excellent traction. The Sniper M/T incorporates Interco's revolutionary three-stage lug design idea, which provides self-cleaning voids and suction release, as do most of the company's tires.

Many individuals will lean towards this tire as an all-around seasonal tire with long-lasting endurance and a moderately aggressive design. Long-distance stability and longevity are key features of these tires. We estimate that you can get up to 40,000 miles out of this tire with general tire maintenance, air pressure, and correct rotation.

Irok Interco Super Swamper Tire

If you want your cars to have more stability, control, and safety, only the greatest tires should be used. Thousands of tire manufacturers compete in the automotive accessory market today, each claiming to have the best-selling tires. The availability of such numbers might make it difficult for purchasers to make a decision, especially if they are unfamiliar with the important aspects to look for.

As a result, car owners frequently purchase models of lower quality throughout the year. A single purchase from the Super Swamper brand can last for years without needing to be replaced. Such options allow you to save money for other activities that can benefit other elements of your life. The Irok Non-Directional tire is the first Super Swamper tire we're looking at.

Interco super swamper was designed by trusted professionals with a thorough grasp of vehicles and their requirements. The tires are designed to provide a pleasant and extra-smooth ride on all terrains for the serious off-roader. This tire is extremely close to the IROK radial tire model in terms of design.

The difference is due to a minor design change on the Irok ND tire's exterior lugs. The ND type has non-directional lugs, but the IROK radial tire has directional lugs. Extra tight cords, molded siping, and a unique construction sidewall system are also included in the creation of this tire, making it the ideal all-around offering for your car.

Swamp Lite Interco Tire

There is no greater brand than Super Swamper when it comes to cutting-edge tire designs available in today's market. In this post, we look at their models because each one distinguishes them from the enormous selection of tire models available around the world. Their designs don't just focus on utility; they also address longevity, handling, and safety. As a result, every user can expect a collective performance that considers all important factors.

Thanks to its great build and excellent workmanship, we can't say enough about how much we love this tire. Nothing less than the highest quality is guaranteed by the makers. The tough and durable 6-ply structure of the Lite ATV tire allows the unit to deliver on its promise of balance and endurance. Customers all over the world have requested that Lite TV tires be made available in various automobile sizes to fit a variety of vehicles.

The Lite ATV tire's smooth ride is made possible by its durable lug construction. This design also helps with cornering steering and stability, which are important features that every driver needs in a car tire.

Super Swamper Bogger Tire

Driving is an art form in and of itself, and off-road driving is a specialty that comes with its own set of challenges. The requirements for your tire will vary depending on the terrain you choose, ensuring that your next adventurous journey is as comfortable as possible. Car owners and tire specialists have examined the various tire models manufactured and sold by the Super Swamper brand throughout the years.

The study of every detail in order to determine its functionality, dependability, and usefulness on varied road surfaces. The outcomes are consistently excellent, which is why their goods are frequently suggested by well-known drivers and organizations.

This tire's users have a lot of good things to say about how well it works and the benefits it provides. It is a very long-lasting item made by the best professionals in the world's leading manufacturer's firm. The Swamper Bogger tires are designed specifically for mud terrains, yet they have a versatility that is recognized by all road authorities. Their tire design is newer and more modern, incorporating novel technology and components to create a tire that is unlike any other.

The Bogger has a three-stage lug construction and a deep directed tread pattern. It has a nylon bias-ply mud system for increased traction and grip, making it easier for your vehicle to maneuver through wooded trails, climb over rocks, and drive through deep heavy mud without any difficulty.

Radial Interco Super Swamper Reptile Tire

When Interco Tires introduced the Interco Reptile Radial tires, they brought tire design to a new level. These are the world's most popular super swamper tires, thanks to their superb all-terrain performance in any season. The design of this tire combination ensures that every automobile owner has the best level of comfort, vehicular balance, and steering control possible. These tires are constructed of durable polyester and nylon materials and have distinctive tread patterns that provide exceptional grip and traction for your car.

Interco radial tires have received nothing but great feedback on review sites, which is why we strongly suggest them for all drivers and cars.

The Super Swamper TSL Tire

The Interco Super Swamper brand prioritizes customer delight over profit. This is evidenced by their diverse tire designs and the frequency with which these designs incorporate user feedback. The information is gathered through online review platforms, where everyone can express their preferences for Swamper tires. Their tires have recently gained widespread praise for their great endurance, dependability, and quality, which is why we've devoted this post to five of their most popular kinds.

The Super Swamper Radial TSL tires are the subject of our final installment for this article. These are the greatest and most affordable radial tires in their tire inventory. This is the ideal automobile tire for budget-conscious vehicle owners who want the best without spending a lot of money. Its design is notably different from the original TSL in that it is less biased. However, it retains the original TSL tread for improved stability, grip, and traction. The tread complements your TSL tire's radial design to improve off-road performance.

What Makes Interco Super Swamper Tires So Popular?

Vehicle owners need to be more careful while choosing tires because there are simply too many to choose from. The requirement to be cautious implies that one must understand a brand before making a selection. The following reasons demonstrate why the Super Swamper tires are the greatest tires on the market.


A few excellent-performing tires are sold at exorbitant prices because of their brand identity. Interco tires supply you with high-quality tires at an affordable price. Many people consider these tires to be worthwhile investments because they can endure for over a thousand miles on a single purchase. The Swamper collection is recommended for its dependability in construction and good but economical resources.

A Wide Selection of Products

Many people prefer Swamper tires because they provide exceptional off-road performance. Many heavy-duty truck owners are encouraged to invest in their trucks' safety and comfort as a result of this ability. The best thing about this company is that they aren't limited to producing tires for the truck industry. This company creates tires that are suitable for use on utility vehicles and trailers. They have slicks for drag racing, racing radials, and muscle car tires.


The capacity of your automobile tires to survive a long period is crucial since it determines whether or not they are a worthwhile investment. Tires that are durable can endure the constant pressures that are applied to them during normal use while still maintaining their shape and function. Swamper tires are regarded as extremely durable due to their hard and robust design components, which distinguish them from the competition. High-quality materials, such as polyester, are used in their construction. Polyester is noted for its stiffness.


The first thing that draws people to a product is how appealing it appears. This is a pattern of behavior that Interco has recognized and planned to address. Their tires are designed to appeal to all types of drivers. They have appealing grooves and uneven tread patterns that are both interesting and entertaining. Swamper tires' design ensures that function and aesthetics are seamlessly combined to produce ideal harmony.


The security provided by Swamper tires is the final reason why we suggest them to car owners. Tires are used virtually every day; thus, they must be solid and reliable for your safety. Such concerns were incorporated during the construction of the Interco tires, as evidenced by the non-directional tread pattern and lug design, which aid in balance. In a car, balance means relaxed and easy steering and turning. The balance of your car tires contributes to a more comfortable ride.

Features of the Design

Customers categorize things based on their design characteristics. These are separate pieces that work together to help a product perform as intended. Interco's Super Swamper tires have comparable properties, with various modifications made to specific models for a different effect. The following list of design attributes was compiled by Swamper tire experts and long-time consumers who are well-versed in the brand. Longevity of the tire, as well as handling, are two of the features.


Handling, in terms of traction and grip, is the first design component to be examined. Different types of terrain can be found all over the world, and not all of them are favorable to safe and comfortable driving. To make all roads as flexible as possible, Interco tires build their goods in such a way that they can adhere to the road surface and provide consistent mobility. The tires help to retain traction throughout the journey, giving consumers the best grip possible.


Today's Super Swamper tires are lauded for their ability to give drivers complete control over their vehicles in any weather situation. The lugs are made up of long lugs, intermediate, and short that work together to provide an improved gripping force on loose or tight terrain. The lug shape of these tires makes them suitable for use in off-road conditions.


Longevity is another design trait that all Swamper tires strive for. Over sludge, jagged rocks, sand, and muck, tires are used continuously throughout the day. Constant overuse can lead to a build-up of dirt in the treads, which can lead to tire degradation in the long term. Interco uses its innovative lug design to prevent dirt build-up and hence increase the brand's longevity. This design not only improves handling and control, but also allows your tire to self-clean for longer tread life.

Swamper tires' safety is made possible by their distinctive groove design. The clever groove design technique lowers the impact of your tire on difficult surfaces. The grooves also help to avoid cut and chip damage, which shortens the life of your tires.


The balance of Swamper tires is the final design component in this piece. Balance is a crucial characteristic because it impacts your level of comfort when driving. The entire tread pattern of Interco tires assists your car in achieving balance once your journey begins.

The TrXus' side design is suggestive of a huge bore rifle. They vary in size, and when the tire is blown down, the contact patch grows, and they become part of the main tread. You have the same tractive ability as a wider tire with built-in exterior flex despite the thinner profile. This enables the tire to form over obstacles and provide a bump-free, smooth ride while maintaining excellent traction.

The TrXus performs better on non-mud than it does in its native environment in all of the runs we've done off road, on trails, and across rough terrain. Even if we never drove in mud, we would choose them because of their soft compound and ability to grip the terrain so effectively.

The Bottom Line

At low speeds, the soft compound moves around and gives the pavement a squishy effect. It isn't a bad or insurmountable situation, but you are aware of it. For the improved traction, I'd go with the softer compound instead of worrying about the lug movement.

The ultimate verdict, on the other hand, is entirely positive. We would purchase these tires again and recommend them to any driver that spends significant time off-road. Even though they are aggressive (like many MT tires), we believe that even someone who is only interested in design and having a fine-looking Jeep would enjoy using them on a daily basis. Road excursions and daily commuting account for the majority of our 12,000 miles.

Why should you buy Interco tires?


The company makes truck tires, including the well-known Super Swamper series of heavy-duty truck tires that offer unrivaled off-road performance. The company does not, however, solely produce tires for the trucking industry.

Aside from trailer and utility vehicle tires, the company also makes medium to big tires for agricultural and industrial vehicles. Interco tires should be seriously considered by interested buyers looking for capable tires.

Ease of Access

It is extremely difficult to locate a tire model that combines features with a durable construction quality at a reasonable price.

Drivers looking for customized tires should expect to pay between $1200 and $4000 for a good set that will improve performance and endure for thousands of miles. Interco provides budget-conscious drivers with exceptional performance enhancements as well as American-made designs with dependable build quality.


Specialty truck tires are used by enthusiasts on surfaces that aren't ideal for driving. Tires must be carefully constructed to maintain traction on these surfaces because they give no grip. Interco strives to create designs that allow its tires to stick to the ground and provide steady motion.

The unique three-stage lug tread design is used on Interco's Super Swamper tires. Long, short, and intermediate lugs are included, all of which are designed to provide good gripping force as they move over difficult or loose terrain. The superb handling on off-road conditions given by the Super Swamper M16 was lauded in our Interco Tires evaluation.


Jagged rocks, gravel, and mud will not be a problem for truck tires. The treads will always be clogged with debris due to regular use on poor road surfaces. The build-up reduces the tire's durability, causing it to fall short of mileage expectations.

Interco's innovative lug design, as previously stated, enables the tire to self-clean by ejecting pebbles, dirt, or sand, resulting in increased tread life. The brand already incorporates tough sidewalls and a high-ply internal construction into their tires, ensuring that they will last for longer miles before needing to be changed.