Anybody getting ready for their next off-road adventure needs to take a moment to find the best overlanding gear to ensure they maximize their experience.

The seven best overlanding gear items include:

  • WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Water Tank
  • BRPOM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor
  • Antidote Outdoors Overlanding Shovel
  • ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning
  • ALL-TOP Recovery Traction Boards & Mounting Kit
  • Domende 12V Refrigerator
  • KC HiLiTES 91303 Gravity LED Light Kit

We spent countless hours researching and testing various overlanding gear to identify the ones that make off-grid adventures safe, convenient, and enjoyable. With our decades of experience in this field, we can assure you these are what we believe to be the best items for overlanding.

Key Takeaways

  • For extended overlanding adventures, the WaterPORT GoSpout Portable Water Tank is indispensable for ensuring a reliable and convenient water supply in remote locations.
  • To tackle vehicle emergencies and maintain tire pressure on diverse terrains, the BRPOM Car Jump Starter Kit is a crucial piece of equipment for any overlanding journey.
  • The ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning is a must-have for overlanders who want to create a comfortable outdoor living space, providing shelter and a place to relax in all weather conditions.

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Best Overlanding Gear (7 Must-Have Items For Adventure)

Overlanding is an adventure that involves exploring remote locations and off-roading while relying on vehicles for shelter, transportation, and carrying essential gear. For those passionate about exploring the great outdoors, the best overlanding gear is necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Overlanding gear ranges from recovery equipment to rooftop tents designed to help you overcome obstacles and comfortably camp in your off-road vehicle. Whether that is outdoor gear for camping or specialty overlanding recovery gear, we cover it all. Check out our list below.

1. WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank

WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank
WaterPORT GoSpout 2 Gallon Portable Water Tank

If you're looking for a handy portable water tank for your overlanding adventures, the WaterPORT GoSpout is a solid option with a few caveats. It’s perfect for rinsing off our gear and even taking showers.

We found that the food-grade plastic made it safe for drinking water, and the black tank can absorb sunlight to heat the water when needed. It does have its advantages, such as its portability and potable water storage.

With a 2-gallon capacity, the GoSpout strikes a good balance between portability and sufficient water supply for short trips or day activities. It's compact enough to easily fit in most vehicles without taking up too much space.

Why You Need This Item

The primary need during any outdoor adventure is water, especially for drinking. The GoSpout's 2-gallon capacity ensures a sufficient water supply for short trips, which is crucial for staying hydrated in remote areas where access to clean water might be limited.

Its portability and ease of use make it an ideal choice for overlanding. Mounting it on your vehicle or placing it on a flat surface provides flexibility in how and where you use it. This is particularly useful when space and convenience are at a premium during travel.

The built-in pump that provides pressurized water flow is a standout feature. This makes it easier to rinse off gear, wash your hands, or even shower, adding comfort and hygiene that can be hard to come by in remote locations.

Potential Drawbacks

One of the downsides we discovered is that some users experience issues with the tank leaking, likely due to the brass valve threading into the plastic jug. This could be a significant issue if it results in water waste or damage to your vehicle or gear.

The nozzle connection can sometimes be fragile, causing it to snap during transport or handling. It also does require frequent pumping to maintain pressure – approximately 150 pumps. This could be tiresome, especially after a long day of off-roading or hiking.

2. BRPOM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor

BRPOM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor

We recently tested the BRPOM Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor and found it to be excellent overlanding gear. As avid campers, we understand the value of having dependable and versatile equipment for our off-road adventures.

One of the standout features of this portable jump starter is its powerful battery. With 4500 amps of peak current, it had no trouble starting our vehicle's engine, even in cold temperatures. The 24000mAh battery capacity also ensures we can use it multiple times before recharging.

The built-in smart air compressor is another valuable feature for off-grid overlanding expeditions. When camping in remote locations, having an onboard air compressor can make all the difference in fixing a punctured tire or adjusting tire pressure for off-road trails.

Why You Need This Item

Having a jump start and onboard air compressor is necessary for any overlanding adventure. Even a reliable vehicle breaks down sometimes, so keeping this safety equipment handy can save the day when you least expect it.

The compressor's functionality is straightforward, with smart preset options and an automatic shut-off. The build quality is sturdy enough to withstand regular use and the rigors of being kept in a vehicle.

If your vehicle's battery dies, a portable jump starter ensures you can get your vehicle running again without needing another vehicle for a traditional jump start. This is crucial for self-reliance in remote areas.

Potential Drawbacks

One downside we found was the limited selection of air fittings for inflating items such as pool toys or bike tires. The air compressor can also be quite noisy, which might be bothersome in a peaceful camping environment.

However, we were pleased it could inflate car tires in just 3 minutes. So, despite some minor downfalls, it’s ideal for speedy recovery in remote locations.

3. Antidote Outdoors Overlanding Shovel

Antidote Outdoors Overlanding Shovel
Antidote Outdoors Overlanding Shovel

When planning the best overlanding expedition, we never compromise on our gear. The right equipment, like the Antidote Outdoors Overlanding Shovel, can make or break our adventure. This is handy during rough conditions and falls under the essential overlanding gear.

One of the things we appreciated most about this shovel is its solid one-piece construction. We didn't have to worry about losing parts or struggling with assembly during our off-roading experience. Made of metal, the shovel's blade is just the right size for digging efficiently.

We were also impressed by the quick-release mounts, allowing us to easily access our trusty shovel whenever we found ourselves stuck in a tight spot. The ergonomic handle adds to the user experience, assisting us in tackling any situation head-on.

Why You Need This Item

A shovel is an essential tool for overlanding for several reasons. First, it falls under the critical category of recovery gear that can be used if anything goes wrong.

If your vehicle gets stuck in mud, sand, or snow, a shovel can be used to dig out the tires, allowing you to place traction aids under them or simply clear a path to get moving again.

When setting up a campsite, a shovel can be used to level the ground, clear debris, or even dig a fire pit (where permitted). This helps in creating a comfortable and safe camping area.

Overall, this shovel's versatility and utility make it a vital piece of equipment for overlanding, where self-reliance and preparedness are critical.

Potential Drawbacks

However, it’s not all perfect. We noticed that the size might not suit everyone, as one of the reviews pointed out that it might be too small for larger tasks.

But it served as a great addition to our overlanding gear for us. Unfortunately, this specialty overlanding shovel is not collapsible. While not a deal-breaker for our crew, it might be a drawback for adventurers with limited storage space on their off-road vehicles.

4. ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning

ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning
ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning

This ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning should definitely be on your overlanding gear list for its portability, durable construction, and easy setup. During our recent overlanding trip, we used this e awning to cover us from the sun, rain, and snow.

It provides around 30 sq. ft. of shading area, making it a perfect addition to our outdoor gear. The adjustable telescopic height, ranging from 4 ft to 7ft, allowed us to set it up quickly and easily. The polyester-cotton ripstop fabric ensures excellent waterproofing and UV protection.

The ease of installation, material quality, and stability are vital aspects to look for. It enhances the outdoor experience by offering protection from the elements, thus making it a practical investment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why You Need This Item

A vehicle awning provides essential shelter from the sun, rain, and wind, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without being directly exposed to the elements. This is particularly important for maintaining a comfortable and safe environment.

An awning can help you stay warm and dry in colder or wet weather. Blocking wind and rain creates a more sheltered space where you can layer up, enjoy a warm drink, or simply relax without being exposed to cold drafts or getting wet.

Potential Drawbacks

One issue worth mentioning is the assembly. We found that the installation instructions were unclear, leading to a longer setup process. We had to rely on a YouTube video for proper guidance.

Additionally, while the awning itself felt sturdy, there were some quality issues with the plastic joint. We'd recommend reinforcing these joints to ensure durability. The included hardware was vague, forcing us to find alternative mounting brackets more compatible with our roof racks.

Despite these drawbacks, the ALL-TOP vehicle awning is an essential overlanding gear for those who want a convenient and reliable shelter during off-road expeditions.

5. ALL-TOP Recovery Traction Boards & Mounting Kit

ALL-TOP Recovery Traction Board
ALL-TOP Recovery Traction Board

These ALL-TOP Recovery Traction Boards are the perfect addition to your overlanding gear for a safe and enjoyable off-road adventure.

The boards are made of reinforced 100% nylon, capable of withstanding high-strength impact and extreme temperatures. The tooth-bite effect provided by the surface ensures excellent grip and helps our vehicle climb out of challenging situations.

One feature we appreciated was the versatile design, which allows the boards to be flipped over and used as shovels. This was handy when we needed to remove mud stuck to our tires.

The boards also come with an adjustable mounting kit that works with nearly all racks—though some DIY adjustments may be required for specific rack models.

Why You Need This Item

Recovery traction boards are indispensable in overlanding, where you often travel through remote and challenging terrains. They provide a self-recovery option essential for safety and independence when traveling off the beaten path.

The mounting kit ensures these boards are always readily available and securely stored, saving valuable interior space for other gear. As a bonus, using these boards meant we could explore even more remote locations, knowing we were well-prepared for any off-road obstacles.

Potential Drawbacks

While we found these recovery boards incredibly helpful during our off-road trip, they are heavy at 15 pounds. Some may also find the price steep, but the durability and functionality of these boards are well worth the investment.

6. Domende 12V Refrigerator

Domende 12V Refrigerator
Domende 12V Refrigerator

The Donmende 12 Volt Refrigerator is an excellent choice for overlanders needing a portable fridge. Our recent experience with this fridge confirmed that it is undoubtedly one of the best overlanding gear we've encountered.

With its compressor cooling technology, this 54 qt portable freezer quickly cools to -4°F (-20 °C) and keeps our food and beverages cool while exploring remote trails and camping in off-grid locations.

The LCD panel and built-in LED make it easy for us to adjust the temperature and see inside the fridge in low-light conditions. Despite its weight, this refrigerator was a reliable and heavy-duty piece of equipment that held up well during our off-roading adventures.

Its size and capacity provide adequate storage space for accommodating our food and drinks without constant restocking. Plus, the power cables and accessories make it compatible with various usage scenarios and vehicles.

Why You Need This Item

Overlanding often involves extended trips away from civilization, where access to fresh food can be limited. A 12V refrigerator helps preserve perishables like meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables, ensuring access to fresh, healthy food throughout your journey.

With a refrigerator, you have the flexibility to store a variety of ingredients, allowing for more diverse and enjoyable meal options. This is especially beneficial for longer trips where meal variety can enhance the experience.

Potential Drawbacks

There is a battery protection mode, but one main drawback was how quickly the battery wore out. Luckily, it can be replaced. But it’s certainly something that you’ll need to monitor when using it.

Regardless of the battery issues, it still has interior lights and is one of the best options to use when you want to prepare food during your overlanding adventures. It fits nicely under a compact rooftop tent, too.

7. KC HiLiTES 91303 Gravity LED Light Kit

KC HiLiTES 91303 Gravity LED Light Kit
KC HiLiTES 91303 Gravity LED Light Kit

The KC HiLiTES 91303 Gravity LED Light Kit is a solid choice for off-road adventurers needing powerful and reliable lighting.

With a high output and low amperage draw, these lights provided exceptional illumination during our off-road escapades, making driving safer and more enjoyable. The construction of these lights features the Infinity ring housing, giving the Pro6 its heavy-duty exterior.

This design ensures that the lights can withstand the harsh environment and conditions of overlanding. The Ball-Mount system offers versatility in positioning, so we can easily adjust the angle and direction to suit our specific needs.

Why You Need This Item

With the KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Single, you can conquer remote locations confidently, knowing you have reliable and robust lighting to illuminate the way.

We can't overstate how essential good lighting is for off-roading, and the Pro6 truly delivers in that aspect, securing its position among the best overlanding gear. These lights should perform well in various conditions, including fog, rain, snow, and dusty environments, providing reliable illumination regardless of the weather.

Potential Drawbacks

There were a few drawbacks we experienced with this product. The wiring pigtail was quite large, which some might find unsightly. Additionally, installation proved challenging for our particular vehicle, and one of the lens caps kept coming loose due to strong winds.

Despite these minor issues, these lights' overall performance and durability remain exceptional, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as part of your essential overlanding gear.

Overlanding Gear Checklist

When it comes to overlanding, being prepared is essential. As we venture into remote locations with our trusty off-road vehicles, having the right gear can make all the difference. Below is a checklist of some of the most critical items to include on your overlanding adventure.

Sleeping and Comfort

  • Rooftop Tent: A rooftop tent is an excellent solution for off-grid sleeping. Check out the official website for more info.
  • Sleeping Bag: A suitable sleeping bag will help you stay warm on those chilly nights.
  • Sleeping Pad: Invest in a comfortable pad for comfort on longer trips.

Food and Cooking

  • Portable Fridge: Portable refrigerators help keep your food fresh in remote areas without cell service. Brands like Dometic have several options available.
  • Cooking Equipment: Bring a portable stove or grill to prepare food at your base camp.

Recovery Gear

  • Recovery Boards: Traction boards can help stabilize your vehicle from sand, snow, or mud.
  • Hi-Lift Jack: A hi-lift jack is essential overlanding gear for lifting your off-road vehicle during repairs.
  • Winch: A heavy-duty winch helps pull your rig out of precarious situations.

Safety and Navigation

  • Fire Extinguisher: It's essential to have a fire extinguisher handy in emergencies.
  • Onboard Air Compressor: An air compressor helps reinflate punctured tires and adjust tire pressure on the trail.
  • Navigation Tools: Maps, GPS, and apps that show public land boundaries are essential for overlanding expeditions in remote locations.
  • Electric Pump: This is needed for overlanding to inflate flat tires for varying terrain conditions. It also comes in handy for air mattresses or even to operate some camping gear.