Get off the beaten path and explore the great outdoors with our list of the best off-road parks will take you on an unforgettable adventure.

The best off-road parks are Moab Utah, Glamis in California, Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia, Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina, and Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. These offroad parks are the best due to their stunning scenery and unparalleled opportunities for adventure.

I've had the pleasure of exploring some of the best off-road parks in the USA. I've also gathered expert opinions and insights from other seasoned off-roaders to provide you with a well-rounded perspective. And if that's not enough, I've got reviews from other users that will surely put your mind at ease. So get ready for some off-road adventures that will have you itching for more!

Key Takeaways

  • These selected off-road parks offer thrilling terrain and stunning scenery.
  • Services and amenities vary from one park to another, but camping is a common option.
  • Many parks offer guided tours and equipment rentals for convenience.
  • Consider location, features, and amenities when choosing a park.

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Best Off-road Parks

When it comes to enjoying off-road adventures, the United States offers a diverse range of off-road sites to suit all skill levels and preferences. From forests to deserts, these parks provide a fun playground for off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, and ATVs

These off-road sites and trail systems across the United States provide a wide variety of terrains and challenges, ensuring every off-road enthusiast has the opportunity to experience the thrill of off-roading in unique and stunning environments.

Off-road Parks Location Terrain Features Scenery Features Amenities and Services
Moab, Utah Utah Sandstone rock climbing formations, Slickrock, red dirt trails Arches National Park, Colorado River, La Sal Mountains Guided tours, Jeep rentals, camping, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shops
Glamis, California California Sand dunes, sand bowls, hill climbs Imperial Sand Dunes, Chocolate Mountains Camping, RV hookups, hot showers, restrooms, fuel, general store, medical services
Hatfield-McCoy West Virginia Rocky trails, steep climbs, mud bogs, creek crossings Appalachian Mountains, Hatfield-McCoy Trail System Lodging, camping, restaurants, guided tours, ATV rentals, bike rentals, repair shops, fuel, general stores, parking
Uwharrie National North Carolina Forest trails, rocky rough terrain, hill climbs, mud pits Uwharrie Mountains, Badin Lake, Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin Camping, RV hookups, restrooms, showers, hiking trails, fishing, swimming, boating, hunting
Silver Lake Sand Michigan Sand dunes, beach runs, steep hills, trails Lake Michigan, Silver Lake Camping, RV hookups, restrooms, showers, playground, concession stand, hiking trails, fishing, boat rentals

1. Moab in Utah

Moab, Utah, is a haven for off-road enthusiasts, offering an extensive network of off-road trails that cater to various skill levels and vehicle types, such as dirt bikes, ATVs, and 4x4s. The stunning national parks surrounding Moab provide a spectacular backdrop for off-roading adventures.

Delicate Arch (Arches National Park)

A must-see natural wonder in Moab, Delicate Arch is located within Arches National Park. Though off-road vehicles are not permitted on trails leading to the arch, visitors can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking in the park. With 2,000 natural sandstone arches and dramatic red rocks, Arches National Park is a fantastic place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Landscape Arch (Arches National Park)

Landscape Arch, North America's longest natural stone arch, is another awe-inspiring sight within Arches National Park. Like Delicate Arch, the area leading to Landscape Arch can be accessed through hiking and mountain biking trails suitable for various skill levels. Remember to bring your camera to capture the incredible views!

Mesa Arch (Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky)

Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky is home to Mesa Arch, a scenic location offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. While off-road vehicles are not allowed on the trail to Mesa Arch, the Island in the Sky district of the national park provides a variety of off-roading trails, such as the White Rim Road, for those looking for an adventurous experience.

Grand View Point (Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky)

Grand View Point, also located within the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park, offers breathtaking vistas of the canyon below. Off-roaders can access the area via Grand View Point Road for a thrilling ride with unforgettable scenery. Enjoy a picnic at one of the designated spots and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Elephant Hill (Canyonlands National Park - The Needles)

For a more challenging off-roading experience in Canyonlands National Park - The Needles district, Elephant Hill is the perfect destination.

This trail system consists of steep grades, narrow switchbacks, and rocky terrain, offering a thrilling ride for seasoned off-road vehicle operators. Take in the awe-inspiring red rock formations and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering this demanding trail.

Moab is the ultimate off-roading destination, providing numerous parks and trail systems that cater to off-road enthusiasts of all skill levels. With its unique red rock formations and National Parks, Moab is one of the country's best off-road parks. Don't hesitate to plan your next adventure in this incredible location.

2. Glamis in California

Located in Southern California, Glamis, also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, is one of the most popular off-road parks in the country. With a variety of terrains and challenges to suit all skill levels, Glamis has something for everyone.

Osborne Overlook

Osborne Overlook is a popular spot for off-roaders to take in the panoramic views of the dunes. The overlook is easily accessible, making it a must-visit destination while exploring the Glamis' off-road trails.

Oldsmobile Hill

Oldsmobile Hill is a go-to destination for adrenaline junkies seeking steep dune climbs and thrilling descents. This area is popular among off-road enthusiasts who test their vehicles' performance and skill on the challenging dune slopes.

Gecko Road

If you're seeking a more family-friendly off-roading adventure, head to Gecko Road. With a multitude of well-maintained trails, Gecko Road has a little bit of everything for off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, making it a favorite spot for off-roading in Glamis.

Competition Hill

Competition Hill is another favorite destination among off-roaders due to its vast, open dunes and challenging climbs. This area is often the site of impromptu races and friendly competitions between off-road enthusiasts, making it an exciting and social destination within the park.

Buttercup Dunes

Located near the southern end of Glamis, Buttercup Dunes is an expansive area with a range of trails for all skill levels. From leisurely off-road rides to challenging climbs and descents, this area has something for every off-road enthusiast.

The Imperial Sand Dunes are open year-round, with the best time to visit from late September through April. With various campgrounds and RV hookups available, Glamis is a fantastic destination for off-road adventurers looking to explore some of the country's best off-road parks and trails.

Whether you're an experienced off-roader or new to the sport, Glamis offers a unique and unforgettable experience of thrilling climbs, vast open spaces, and picturesque landscapes that draw thousands of off-road enthusiasts to its dunes every year.

3. Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia

This place offers some of the best off-road parks for enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the great outdoors with their off-road vehicles. The Hatfield-McCoy Trails is a renowned destination for off-roading and its sub-systems.

Pocahontas Trail System

The Pocahontas Trail System offers off-roaders various trails for ATVs, dirt bikes, and side-by-side. This trail system is known for its exciting routes catering to a mix of skill levels, making it an excellent pick for beginners and experienced riders. Its proximity to the historic town of Bramwell adds a touch of culture to your off-road adventures.

Rockhouse Trail System

The Rockhouse Trail System features a diverse range of off-road trails and beautiful scenery. With over 100 miles of trails weaving through the mountains, off-road enthusiasts can tackle everything from narrow switchbacks to open terrain. If you like a mix of wooded trails and scenic vistas, this system promises a fantastic experience.

Buffalo Mountain Trail System

Perfect for off-road enthusiasts, the Buffalo Mountain Trail System is known for its challenging routes and picturesque views. With multiple ATV trails, this trail system offers narrow trails, steep climbs, and thrilling descents, guaranteeing a memorable off-road adventure.

Bearwallow Trail System

Located near the town of Logan, the Bearwallow Trail System is one of the most visited off-road parks in West Virginia. It caters to a wide range of off-road vehicles, from dirt bikes to larger off-road vehicles. With miles of trails and varying levels of difficulty, it is an excellent option for those looking for an exciting off-roading destination.

Devil Anse Trail System

The Devil Anse Trail System is known for its challenging terrain and exciting trails. This trail system caters to different types of off-road vehicles and offers a fantastic playground for off-roaders who love to tackle rough routes. Mountain bikers and ATV enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of obstacles and water crossings found in this trail system.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia offer a diverse range of off-road trails and beautiful scenery for off-road enthusiasts. With exceptional trail systems like Pocahontas, Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow, and Devil Anse, plenty of opportunities exist to explore and enjoy the thrill of off-roading in West Virginia.

4. Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina

The Uwharrie National Forest is a premier destination for off-roading enthusiasts, offering a variety of off-road trails and recreational opportunities. With a mix of rugged terrain and picturesque views, this destination caters to off-road park lovers of all skill levels and interests.

Badin Lake Recreation Area

Within the forest, the Badin Lake Recreation Area offers a 20-mile-long network of dedicated OHV trails featuring stream crossings, rocky ruts, and hill climbs. Perfect for off-road vehicles and ATVs, this trail system provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

Uwharrie National Recreation Trail

The 20-mile-long Uwharrie National Recreation Trail is a popular choice for those seeking a more moderate adventure. The trail offers a diverse national forest landscape, including dense foliage and narrow trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking.

Dutchmans Creek Trail

Another popular off-road park within Uwharrie is the Dutchmans Creek Trail. Known for its beautiful wooded trails and challenging switchbacks, this trail is ideal for mountain bikers and off-road adventurers who appreciate a test of skill and endurance.

Morrow Mountain State Park

Located nearby, Morrow Mountain State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities for the entire family, including horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. With picturesque views, this park is an excellent addition to an off-roading adventure in the Uwharrie region.

Denson's Creek Falls

Finally, Denson's Creek Falls is a serene and lesser-known attraction in Uwharrie National Forest. Easily accessible by a short hiking trail, these cascading falls provide an excellent opportunity to take a break from off-road riding and enjoy nature's soothing sights and sounds.

Regardless of your off-roading preference or experience, the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina is a must-visit destination for those seeking the best off-road parks and trails. With a wide array of outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty, this location is sure to captivate and inspire every visitor.

5. Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan

Located along the shores of Lake Michigan, Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a perfect destination for off-roading enthusiasts. The area offers a variety of attractions for outdoor lovers, making it one of the best offroad parks in the state.

Silver Lake Park

The Silver Lake Park boasts 3 miles of stunning Lake Michigan shoreline, modern campgrounds, and nearly 2,000 acres of sand dunes. Visitors can enjoy off-roading on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes of 500 acres in the ORV Area.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

A trip to Silver Lake Sand Dunes is incomplete without visiting the historic Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Built in 1874, this iconic structure offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding landscape, making it a must-see destination for off-road adventurers.

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

For those looking for family-friendly fun, Mac Wood's Dune Rides offers guided tours on privately-owned dune buggies. This 40-minute tour will take you through miles of trails and offers a unique perspective on the sand dunes.

Hart-Montague Trail

Besides off-roading, Silver Lake Sand Dunes boasts many other outdoor activities, such as mountain biking. Hart-Montague Trail is a 22-mile paved trail, perfect for all skill levels, providing picturesque views of the surrounding countryside.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV Area

The main attraction at Silver Lake Sand Dunes is undoubtedly its ORV Area. With 450 acres of dunes open to off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and side-by-sides, this trail system offers endless fun and thrills for off-roaders. The ORV area is open from April 1 – October 31, offering ample opportunity to explore this natural playground.

  • Offers a variety of off-road trails and activities
  • Beautiful landscape and location along Lake Michigan
  • ORV area open for a significant portion of the year
  • It can be crowded, particularly during peak season
  • Off-road trails limited to a specific portion of the park

A visit to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan offers adventure and excitement for off-roading enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and nature lovers alike. With its unique sand dune environment and numerous outdoor attractions, it's undoubtedly one of the best offroad parks in the region.