If you're having trouble deciding on the perfect soft top for your Jeep, you’re in the right place. After research and testing, I’ve compiled the best options.

The best Jeep Soft Tops include Bestop Trektop NX, Pavement Ends by Bestop, and Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement soft tops. These three options have been chosen for their long-lasting durability, versatility in functionality, and undeniable style that truly sets them apart from other tops.

If you're passionate about Jeeps like I am, then you know how crucial it is to have a quality soft top that offers reliable performance while looking stylish at the same time. I’m here to help you sort through endless options of Jeep soft tops on your own. I’ve tested multiple products with varying features and capabilities and reviewed verified end-user feedback. All these is to bring you the most accurate and reliable information possible, so you’re assured of unbiased and honest reviews that will help you make the best decision for your Jeep.

Key Takeaways

  • All the above Jeep soft top options offer great functionality and value.
  • Consider your needs and budget when choosing the best Jeep Wrangler soft top.
  • Ensure that the soft top you choose is compatible with your specific Jeep model.
  • Your Jeep lifestyle matters when choosing a soft top for your Jeep Wrangler.
  • For example, a Sunrider option will be great if you like driving in the sunshine.

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Top 5 Best Jeep Soft Tops

Upgrading or replacing your Jeep's soft top can significantly enhance your off-roading experience, offering you better protection and style. In this section, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best Jeep soft tops in the market.

Here’s a quick Jeep Soft Top comparison table to get you started:

Jeep Soft Top Brand Outstanding Features Fitment
Bestop Trektop NX Waterproof; has Top Arch technology for water runoff
Sunrider feature for superior insulation during open-air driving
Sleek and stylish design that slants back
Frameless design for easy storage
Removable rear and side windows
Custom-fit for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-door models
Pavement Ends by Bestop Top quality soft top material and construction
Factory specs
Tinted windows
DOT-approved windows
An affordable alternative for a factory top
Heavy-duty, weather-resistant zippers
Fit 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler models with full steel doors
Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement Sailcloth fabric for superior insulation and noise reduction
Self-correcting zippers
Factory-style specs, including factory frames, fit, and finish
Marine-grade, mildew-resistant material
Heavy-duty zippers
Fits 1997 – 2006, Jeep models
Rampage Frameless The frameless design with a sleek appearance
No-drill installation
Storage pockets on front bows
Tinted windows
Exclusive Rampage patented front anti-puddle support poles
Fits the Jeep Wrangler TJ model from 1997 to 2006
Premium Replacement by Smittybilt Durable, marine-grade fabric
Self-correcting zippers
DOT-approved windows
MOLLE attachment system for additional storage
Fits all 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door models

1. Bestop Trektop NX

Bestop Trektop NX
Bestop Trektop NX

The Bestop Trektop NX is my best Jeep soft top. It’s a popular soft top choice among many Jeep owners and is designed for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-door models.

If you’re a discerning Jeep Wrangler JL owner seeking premium-grade materials in your soft top, very few options can match the Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top.

With its long-lasting, multilayered fabric that resists wear and tear as well as fading, you can rest assured of a comfortable and enjoyable ride, whether on paved streets or rugged terrain.


Want to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler JL without compromising style or reliability? Look no further than the Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top.

Made with premium twill fabric, this high-end product ensures your ride looks good while standing up against wear and tear. Installing the soft top is also hassle-free; there's no need for any drilling or modification while setting it up perfectly with ease!


The Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top is known for its exceptional performance, providing superior protection from the elements. It’s an excellent choice if you like exploring the outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

It’s designed to be completely waterproof, ensuring that you stay dry even in the heaviest rain. The soft top also provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What Sets It Apart

When it comes to the best soft tops for Jeeps, the Bestop Trektop NX is one of the standout options available.

This Jeep soft top looks great and is easy to install due to its frameless design. Unlike other brands requiring a bulky frame or hardware, the Bestop Trektop NX offers a sleek, stylish appearance.


  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Provides superior insulation
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Frameless design for easy storage
  • Its Sunrider feature makes it comfortable for open-air driving


  • Higher price point than some other soft tops
  • It may require additional hardware for installation
  • Limited compatibility with certain Jeep models (2007-2018 Jeep models)

Who Should Buy It

The Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a premium soft Jeep Wrangler JL top.

It’s perfect for those who value style, performance, and durability. It’s also a great option for those who live in areas with harsh weather conditions, as it provides excellent protection from the outdoor elements.

Where to Buy

Amazon, Extreme Terrain,  4 Wheel Parts, and Quadratec.

2. Pavement Ends by Bestop

Pavement Ends by Bestop
Pavement Ends by Bestop

Boasting a robust and long-lasting structure, the Pavement Ends Jeep soft top is considered one of the most remarkable soft tops available on the market today.

The Pavement Ends soft top for the Jeep Wrangler offers excellent construction at an affordable cost, with long-lasting quality and easy installation. For those with a tighter budget, it’s a perfect choice.


The 23-ounce sailcloth material used in this top has been tested against adverse weather conditions and has proven to be both water-resistant and long-lasting.

Furthermore, it fits specifically to the 1997-2006 models with full steel doors. The top comes with all the necessary support hardware for easy installation, as well as a limited 1-year warranty.


The Pavement Ends by Bestop Soft Top is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable protection from the elements. In addition, this top is heat-sealed to protect you from sun rays.

The sailcloth fabric is thicker than most soft tops, which makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The top also has a tight fit that reduces wind noise and prevents flapping at high speeds.

What Sets It Apart

Are you seeking out an excellent soft top for your Jeep Wrangler TJ? If so, consider investing in the Pavement Ends by Bestop.

What sets this superb option apart from its competitors is its use of innovative technology that creates highly durable fabric without sacrificing style or comfort.

This factory top is made with high-quality materials that are designed to last, but it’s priced lower than other soft tops on the market. And the fact that the top also comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation makes it a great choice for DIY enthusiasts.


  • Has a tight fit that prevents flapping at high speeds.
  • Provides reliable protection from the elements, reduces wind noise
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty.


  • Designed to only fit 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ models with full steel doors
  • Some users have reported that the top is difficult to install and may require professional installation

Who Should Buy It

If you’re a Jeep owner searching for a high-quality yet affordable soft top, you should check out the Pavement Ends by Bestop Soft Top. Its durability and reliability are unmatched, even in challenging weather conditions.

If you're a fan of doing things yourself, its removable windows and detachable roof could also be perfect for you due to its effortless installation process.

Just ensure that your specific model of Jeep accommodates its compatibility before investing.

Where To Buy

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Quadratec.

3. Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement

Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement
Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement

Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement is another great soft top for Wrangler models. Jeep owners looking for a cost-effective yet durable soft top alternative can rely on the Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement option.

With this replacement, your Wrangler will have enhanced protection from inclement weather conditions while also maintaining its style and affordability.


The Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement Jeep soft top is designed to fit any 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ model.

It’s made of sailcloth material, which is a premium fabric that’s durable, weather-resistant, and heat-sealed to provide excellent insulation.

The top comes with tinted windows, a rear window defroster, and a 5-year warranty, and it’s available in sailcloth black and denim spice.


Ideal for use in cold weather, the Sierra Sailcloth Replacement Soft Top boasts a sailcloth material that offers superior insulation. It also has removable windows, meaning you can simply roll them up and feel the breeze.

With its weather-resistant and durable features, this soft top is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Tinted windows reduce glare and provide privacy, while the defroster on the rear windows ensures clear visibility in chilly temperatures.

What Sets It Apart

The main feature that sets Sierra Jeep's soft top apart is the sailcloth material used in its construction. This soft top material is thicker and more durable than the standard vinyl used in most soft tops. It’s also quieter and provides better insulation, making it ideal for use in cold weather.


  • Marine-grade material offers superior noise reduction
  • Easy three-step installation
  • The sailcloth material provides superior insulation and durability
  • The tinted windows provide privacy and reduce glare
  • The rear window defroster ensures clear visibility in cold weather
  • The top comes with a 5-year warranty
  • With all the necessary hardware, installing the Sierra Offroad Sailcloth Replacement Soft Top is simple and quick


  • In chilly weather conditions, working with window zippers may prove difficult
  • More expensive than other competitor soft tops on the market
  • It is only compatible with the Jeep Wrangler TJ models from 1997 to 2006

Who Should Buy It

The Sierra Sailcloth Replacement Jeep soft top is ideal for any Jeep owner who lives in a cold climate and needs a soft top that provides excellent insulation.

It’s also suitable for Jeep owners who want a durable and weather-resistant soft top that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

However, it may not be the best choice for someone on a tight budget or who owns a Jeep model other than the Wrangler TJ from 1997 to 2006.

Where to Buy

Amazon, eBay, ConvertibleTop.com, AutoTopsDirect.com, JeepTops.com.

4. Rampage Frameless soft top

Rampage Frameless soft top
Rampage Frameless soft top

The Rampage Frameless Jeep soft top stands out as one of the top-performing options for the TJ Wrangler. It’s made from a durable, multi-layered material that provides superior protection against the elements.


If you own a Jeep Wrangler model ranging from 1997 to 2006, the Rampage Frameless Soft Top is a replacement Jeep soft top that you should consider. The fabric used in making the product is high-quality and has sewn seams crafted with marine-grade thread.

Installing this product on your vehicle could not be easier thanks to its unique design, which goes over the OE factory roll bar for a snug, uniform fit. It also has larger side windows that improve overall visibility.


When shopping for a new soft top for your TJ Wrangler, nothing beats the Rampage Frameless Soft Top in terms of both performance and aesthetics.

This strikingly designed accessory is crafted using only high-grade materials to ensure durability and function. Unlike other alternatives that can be complicated to install or overly expensive, this model is straightforward to put on, making it accessible to all types of drivers.

What Sets It Apart

The Rampage Frameless Soft Top is unique due to its design. Its quick and effortless installation process fits perfectly over the OE factory roll bar, providing an even fit.

Where it truly shines is its increased visibility thanks to larger side windows—making it safer and more convenient to drive in all conditions. Built with only the finest materials means, this Jeep soft top will remain durable year after year.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides a snug and uniform fit
  • Larger side windows improve overall visibility
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting


Only compatible with Jeep Wrangler models from 1997 to 2006

May be more expensive than other replacement tops

Who Should Buy It

The Rampage Frameless Soft Top is a great option for TJ Wrangler owners who want a top that is easy to install and provides a snug and uniform fit.

However, it’s important to note that this top is only compatible with Jeep Wrangler models from 1997 to 2006, so it may not be the best option for those with newer models.

Where to Buy

Rampageproducts.com and Amazon.

5. Premium Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt

Premium Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt
Premium Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt

Premium Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt is another quality soft top to look out for. It stands out from the rest due to its exceptional performance and features.

Overall, if you're a Jeep owner looking for a high-quality, versatile, and durable soft top, the Premium Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt is an excellent choice. Its superior construction, snug fit, and customization options make it a top-performing option on the market today.


The Smittybilt Premium Replacement Soft Top is designed to be a complete OE replacement for your torn or worn-out soft top. It’s made of marine-grade vinyl-coated material that’s durable and long-lasting.

The Premium Replacement soft top is also available in both black and gray colors to match your Jeep's exterior. The product is designed with factory hardware and door surrounds that fit all 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door models.


The Smittybilt Premium Replacement Soft Top is designed to offer excellent protection from the elements. Besides protection, the top also helps reduce wind noise and ensures a quieter ride.

The top is also waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring that you stay dry and protected from the sun's harmful rays. The windows are tinted to reduce glare and provide privacy while driving.

What Sets It Apart

What sets the Smittybilt Premium Replacement Soft Top apart is its high-quality construction and durability.

The marine-grade vinyl-coated material helps withstand outdoor elements and provides long-lasting protection. In addition, the top is also easy to install, and its kit includes all the necessary hardware and instructions.


  • Complete OE replacement for worn or torn soft tops
  • Marine-grade vinyl-coated material for durability
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant for excellent protection from the elements
  • Reduces wind noise and provides a quieter ride
  • Tinted windows for reduced glare and increased privacy
  • Easy to install with all necessary hardware and instructions included


  • More expensive than some other replacement soft tops on the market
  • The soft top can be difficult to install

Who Should Buy It

The Smittybilt Premium Replacement Soft Top is the best Jeep soft top for a Jeep owner who wants a high-quality replacement soft top that is durable and long-lasting.

It’s also ideal for those who want excellent protection from the elements and a quieter ride. However, it may not be the best Jeep soft top option for those on a tight budget or those who are not comfortable with installing the top themselves.

Where to Buy

Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, or 4 Wheel Parts.