One way to improve your vehicle without breaking the bank is with functional accessories. They come in handy, especially for SUVs like the Jeep Renegade.

The six best accessories for Jeep Renegade owners include:

  1. Savadicar GrabTray Passenger Storage Organizer
  2. Camoo Jeep Renegade Phone & GPS Car Holder
  3. Sunluway Door Handle Cove
  4. Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover
  5. AUKEPO Car Bling Engine Start Decals
  6. E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Cap Cover

We have carefully researched and tested a diverse array of accessories for the Jeep Renegade, taking into account the various needs, budgets, and preferences. The following guide highlights our top picks, designed to make your driving experience enjoyable, convenient, and uniquely yours.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeep Renegade accessories should enhance functionality and reflect personal style, with quality and durability being key considerations.
  • Accessories like the Savadicar GrabTray and Camoo Phone & GPS Car Holder offer practical solutions for organized and convenient driving.
  • Decorative yet functional accessories, such as the Sunluway Door Handle Cover and Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover, offer your vehicle's aesthetic and protective benefits.

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6 Best Accessories for Jeep Renegade: Top Picks for 2023

Jeep Renegade owners are passionate about their vehicles, often seeking ways to enhance and customize them according to their preferences and unique interests. One way to do this is by investing in accessories that improve functionality and add a personal touch to their rides.

From interior to exterior modifications, an extensive range of products is designed specifically for the Jeep Renegade, enabling owners to make their cars stand out.

A key consideration when selecting the perfect accessories for your Jeep Renegade is its durability and quality. It's also essential to evaluate your specific needs and desires before making a purchase. Below we have listed our top Jeep Renegade accessories.

1. Savadicar GrabTray Passenger Storage Organizer

Savadicar GrabTray Passenger Storage Organizer
Savadicar GrabTray Passenger Storage Organizer

The Savadicar GrabTray is a must-have accessory for Jeep Renegade owners seeking extra storage without compromising style or functionality. After trying this in my vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised by its practicality.

Made from durable ABS material, this compact storage tray fits snugly into the passenger grab handle, providing a convenient spot for passengers to store their belongings, such as sunglasses, mobile phones, or small change.

Installation was a breeze, with no tools or messy glue needed. The tray simply slides into the grab handle, and its black finish blends seamlessly with the Renegade's interior. Although it lacks depth, it offers a handy temporary storage solution, particularly on road trips or school runs.

Why You Need This Accessory

What immediately sets this apart from other storage solutions is its no-nonsense installation. It fits seamlessly into the passenger-side dash, providing a sturdy and handy space for all those small items that could otherwise become a distraction while driving.

Unlike some storage organizers that feel like intrusive add-ons, the GrabTray blends in perfectly with the existing dashboard layout. It doesn't obstruct any of the vehicle's controls, maintaining clear access to all features on the dash.


  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • High-quality ABS material for durability and longevity
  • Adds convenient storage space for small items


  • Limited storage capacity, best suited for smaller items

2. Camoo Jeep Renegade Phone & GPS Car Holder

Camoo Jeep Renegade Phone & GPS Car Holder
Camoo Jeep Renegade Phone & GPS Car Holder

This versatile Camoo Phone & GPS Car Holder is a great accessory worth considering for better organization and convenience while driving.

This holder's compatibility with Jeep Renegade models from 2015 to 2021 makes it a convenient addition to your vehicle for safe and accessible device usage. The durable ABS plastic material ensures the holder is sturdy, and its non-toxic property makes it safe.

The high side base, designed with an anti-skid texture, holds your device securely and functions as a handy storage box for keys, parking cards, or coins. One particular feature we love is the 360-degree rotation, allowing us to adjust the holder to any position for comfortable viewing.

Why You Need This Accessory

I know what a hassle it can be to get directions with my phone in my lap or a cup holder. This phone and GPS holder is a game changer because it mounts right on the dash in front of you.

The high-side base anti-skid texture was non-slip. It’s one of the most durable products I’ve found, and I can't recommend it enough.


  • Universal fit for 2.5 to 3.5-inch devices
  • Made from durable, non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Features a 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles


  • Rubber grips may not be durable

3. Sunluway Door Handle Cover

Sunluway Door Handle Cover
Sunluway Door Handle Cover

The Sunluway Door Handle Cover and Cup Bowl Cover are a great upgrade for your Jeep Renegade, providing style and protection. I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and fitment.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, these covers add a touch of style to our Jeep and provide protection from everyday wear and tear. The vibrant red color of the covers definitely caught our eye and gave our Renegade a unique and custom look.

However, for some, the red might be a bit too bold. We suggest checking for other available colors that might better suit your taste. Installation was relatively easy, thanks to the included 3M adhesive tape, but we recommend taking extra care during the process to achieve a perfect alignment.

Why You Need This Accessory

If you're looking to enhance the appearance of your Jeep Renegade while providing added protection to the door handles, this could be a worthy investment.

It’s super durable, with no fading or peeling after installation. And don’t worry, it comes with a 12 Months Warranty so if anything goes wrong you can get a replacement.


  • Perfect fitment for 2015-2021 Jeep Renegade
  • Durable ABS plastic material
  • Protects and decorates your vehicle


  • Requires careful installation for a perfect fit

4. Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover

Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover
Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover

This Ezzy Auto Key Case Cover is a great addition to your Jeep Renegade or other compatible vehicles, providing protection and personalization for your key fob. It’s available in plenty of colors too.

It is made from high-quality silicone rubber that gives it a vibrant color and makes it durable and long-lasting. We found the material easy to clean, allowing you to maintain its appearance even after months of use.

One aspect we appreciated is the precise fitment of the cover to the key fob. It easily slips onto the key, providing a snug fit without obstructing any buttons or features. This makes it simple to install and remove while offering the full functionality of your key fob.

Why You Need This Accessory

Built for protection, this accessory is crafted from high-quality silicone. This material feels pleasant in the hand and ensures your key fob is shielded from dust, scratches, and accidental drops.

The precision of the fit is another highlight. The case fits snugly over the Renegade's key fob, with accurately positioned cutouts for the buttons. This means you'll be able to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle easily, without removing the case. You can find this right on the Amazon website too.


  • High-quality silicone material
  • Precise fitment for key fob
  • Easy to clean and durable


  • Limited compatibility with vehicle models

5. AUKEPO Car Bling Crystal Rhinestone Engine Start Ring Decals

AUKEPO Car Bling Engine Start Ring Decals
AUKEPO Car Bling Engine Start Ring Decals

Add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your Jeep Renegade with these AUKEPO Car Bling Engine Start Decals. They are perfect for those who love stylish car accessories. Make sure to install this correctly, or else you can have problems trying to start the car.

The great thing about this is how easy it is to install and update these with new ones too. Their build is sturdy, made from premium zinc alloy, and the two rows of crystal rhinestones lend an elegant look to the car's interior.

On the flip side, the bling ring's brightness may not match the images showcased online. Our expectation of a shiny reflection in the dark was not met, although it still looked attractive.

Why You Need This Accessory

The installation process, which comes with an instructional photo, was simple as we just cleaned the button area, removed the adhesive tape, and pressed the bling ring into place.

It didn't take more than a few moments, and the adhesive tape provided a strong bond. Overall, this is a cheap and fun accessory for your vehicle. The low price is too enticing to pass up, plus you can add a little security around your start.


  • High-quality zinc alloy material with bling crystal rhinestone design
  • Enhances your car interior's appearance
  • Easy to install with adhesive tape


  • Adhesive strength may not last long term

6. E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Door Gas Tank Cap Cover for Jeep Renegade

E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Cap Cover
E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Cap Cover

The E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Cap Cover is an ideal choice for Jeep Renegade owners looking to enhance their vehicle's appearance and protect their gas tank area. The black anodized aluminum material is lightweight but durable, ensuring it won't rust or peel over time.

We recently added the E-cowlboy Fuel Filler Door Gas Tank Cap Cover to our Jeep Renegade and were impressed by how well it fit and how it instantly upgraded the vehicle's appearance.

Installation was a breeze, taking only about 2-5 minutes with the help of 3M tape, and there was no need for any drilling or special tools. However, we recommend adding extra adhesive to ensure the cover stays securely in place, especially if you frequently drive in harsh weather conditions.

Why You Need This Accessory

This is a good accessory for off-road drivers. We recommend heading to Amazon for this because it’s super durable, easy to install and has a nice exterior touch for your vehicle’s finish.

Stay up to date on your vehicle, too, with this accessory. Amazon also allows you to click on different sizing options, which is helpful for a smaller component like this. Take advantage of this accessory by opening your web browser to purchase today.


  • Custom-fit for Jeep Renegade 2015-2021
  • High-quality, lightweight aluminum material
  • Easy installation with no drilling required


  • May need extra adhesive for a secure fit

How Many Miles Can a Jeep Renegade Last?

The lifespan of a Jeep Renegade can vary considerably based on multiple factors, such as maintenance practices, driving habits, and overall vehicle treatment. Nevertheless, under optimal conditions and with diligent upkeep, a Jeep Renegade has the potential to exceed 150,000 miles.

It's crucial to note that reaching and surpassing this mileage marker primarily depends on adherence to recommended service schedules, early detection and rectification of any mechanical issues, and generally responsible vehicle operation.

Comprehensive maintenance encompasses regular oil changes and tire rotations and includes monitoring the transmission, electrical system, and engine health. This can get you even more miles from your vehicle.

What Other Types Of Accessories Are Best For A Jeep Renegade?

There are fun accessories for a vehicle and others that are more necessary for performance. If you are more performance-focused, consider roof racks, new floor mats, and a light bar for off-roading.

Roof Racks

If you're an outdoor enthusiast or frequently carry heavy loads, a roof rack or a cargo box is an invaluable accessory. It offers extra storage space and allows you to conveniently transport items like bikes, kayaks, or camping gear.

Weathertech Floor Mats

WeatherTech's all-weather floor mats are precision-engineered to fit the Jeep Renegade perfectly. They are designed to keep dirt, mud, snow, and water off your vehicle's carpet. The mats are easy to clean, incredibly durable, and provide robust protection regardless of the weather conditions.

Light Bars

Supplemental light bars can prove critical for night-time or low-light off-roading adventures, providing improved visibility. Be prepared to put the parts together; installation can be a little complex.

But it’s helpful when off-roading at night. You and other drivers in the area have better visibility, so you can be on the same page while driving to avoid accidents. Be sure to check the page to buy the right sizing for your vehicle and view the live 3D photos to get something that matches your Renegade.